Catholic christmas 2015: when catholic christmas is celebrated, date

NativityIn Catholic countries, Christmas is one of the main and most beloved holidays. He has long lost an exclusively religious meaning; today, Christmas Eve is a time of magic and magic, an opportunity to spend time with relatives, to please children with gifts, tasty dishes and decorations. This is the time when everyone feels joy and love. When is Catholic Christmas celebrated in 2015 and how should it be celebrated?

Catholic Christmas in 2015

Every year, Catholics, Lutherans, Protestant denominations celebrate Christmas on December 25. The exact date of birth of the Savior is unknown, but perhaps the choice of this particular number is associated with the earlier pagan triumph “Birth of the Sun of Invincible”, which received a new content. As in any other year in 2015 commemorating baby Jesus will last 11 days.From 20 to 24 is the pre-celebration, and from 25 come 6 days after the celebration. The climax is the evening from the 24th to the 25th, called Christmas Eve. It is on this night that the story of the birth of Jesus in the manger, the prophecies associated with this event, comes to mind. Believers can attend 3 worship services, symbolically representing a triple birth: in the bosom of the divine Father, in the womb of the Virgin Mary and in the soul of each believer.

In addition to the church there are secular traditions of celebration. The most important is the installation of a Christmas fir tree decorated with bright balls and topped with a bright star.
christmas evening

Traditional dishes for catholic christmas - recipe with photos

Christmas Eve is a great time for a large family dinner, an opportunity to gather all relatives and friends. Before the appearance of the first star in the sky is impossible, it symbolizes the beginning of the celebration. Before you start your meal, you need to break the “Christmas bread” lit in the temple. The traditional dish of Christmas Eve - sochivo, that is, millet or barley, cooked with honey and dried fruits.

Whole baked bird should take center stage on the table. Different countries have their own secrets.So the British bake a turkey under a veal sauce, Americans - under cranberry, and the French add wine to it. In Denmark and Lithuania, it is customary to serve goose stuffed with apples. In addition, sweet foods are required: pudding, Christmas cookies and buns. Total guests should try 12 dishes, 7 of which are sweet. They are served in a strictly defined sequence and have a certain symbolism.

If you decide to please your loved ones with traditional Christmas dishes, then we advise you to cook a turkey using one of the classic recipes. You will need: gutted turkey, 5-6 tablespoons of butter, 3 cups of water, a few spoons of broth, onion head, a couple of tablespoons of salt and dried herbs. After the ingredients are selected, we begin to create:

  • Preheating oven
  • Carefully separate the skin from the meat. You should have a kind of pocket where you need to put the butter
  • Mix water, broth and herbs, water the bird
  • Salt the meat
  • Wrap in foil
  • Put in a hot oven for 4 hours. To get a ruddy crust, remove the foil in 30 minutes. until ready

festive table

Catholic Christmas - congratulations

On the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ, no one should be left without attention. Postcards or souvenirs are sent to those who live far in the mail. All the rest must come with a visit and congratulations. For children, this is a special holiday, because they are eagerly awaiting gifts from Santa Claus, who sneaks through the chimney on the night of 24 to 25 and leaves a pile of multi-colored boxes under the tree.

The tradition of caroling is not a thing of the past, when young people go to their homes, sing hymns, and in return receive a treat. On Christmas Eve everyone should be happy, all hearts should be filled with kindness!
Santa Claus on a sleigh

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