Caution - Flu

Influenza begins suddenly, with a sharp rise in temperature, headache and aching joints. A runny nose and a dry cough may appear a little later. If a baby has strong immunity, then in a few days these symptoms will decrease and in a week or two they will disappear. How to act at this time?

The first thing that a mother should do at the first sign of flu in a child is to call a local doctor. And before his visit, put the baby in bed and give him a warm drink. If the baby is bad and has a high temperature, you should not wait for the doctor to arrive - call an ambulance or take the child to the hospital. In the emergency room, the doctor will examine the baby and prescribe the appropriate treatment. The antiviral drugs, Aflubin, Engiston, Viferon, and the medications for rhinitis, Aquamaris and Aqualor, are likely to fall on the list of drugs. If the baby’s body alone cannot cope with the virus, and the temperature is high for 3-4 days, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

After the appointment of treatment, follow the execution of all prescriptions of the doctor.

Needed wet cleaning in the morning and evening.The room in which there is a crumb must be aired every half hour - an hour.

Knocking down the temperature, be sure to change the bedding and change the baby into dry clothes. Despite the common opinion, during an illness walk can and should be! The main thing is to follow important rules:

  • The walk should not last more than 10-15 minutes.

  • The air temperature outside the window is not below -5 ° C.

  • The weather is dry and windless.

When the crumbs normal temperature - go to fresh air, but just do not go far from home. The baby is still weak, so instead of walking, ride a crumb on a sled or just sit on the bench and tell the child a fairy tale.

Baby's appetite is “below zero”, but do not be alarmed. All body systems are configured to fight the virus and remove toxins, and digesting food will slow down the process. If the baby is hungry, give him a milk-free gruel or a light vegetable soup. A serving should be minimal, but drinking, on the contrary, should not be limited.

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