Characteristics of men and women Lviv per year of the Monkey

Liana Raymanova November 7, 2017

Lev Monkey - one of the most fun astrological combinations. He is representedenergetic and cheerful peoplewith an optimistic mindset. A great sense of humor allows them to easily defuse the situation in the team, to raise their spirits. They themselves try to be in a good mood as often as possible, despondency is rarely manifested in the character of these people.

Lev Monkey - a man who is characterized by sociability, curiosity, activity. The representative of the described combinationwitty and eloquent, she adores proving to others her point of view and he does it well.

In this astrological combination, the eastern and western horoscope successfully interact, softening the flaws of both signs.

Lions are straightforward and aggressive, but under the influence of Monkeys become more prudent, gain the ability to flexible thinking

The monkey, in turn, differs cunning and deceit.Developed intuition allows her to feel the psychology of other people and skillfully manipulate them on this basis. A royal sign introduces more honesty and nobility into the character of a person.

The result is a strong, but gentle and sensitive to the problems of those around him with sharp wit. Leo, born in the year of the Monkey, is not aggressive, does not like to command. But she really appreciates communication with people. He is chatting nicely with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even with random passers-by if he has a reason to talk.

Monkey Lions rarely get tired of communication, but loneliness annoys them very quickly. Representatives of the sign feel as comfortable as possible, working as managers, consultants, social workers. Any profession related to the Lev Monkey is suitable.oral communication. At the same time, such people are not at all afraid of hard physical labor and are not averse to voluntarily doing it for a change.

Characteristics of a man Leo, born in the year of the Monkey

Leo, born in the year of the Monkey, is not aggressive, does not like to command

They prefer individual work to teamwork. Monkey Lions are creative personalities whose talents are able to manifest themselves successfully in many fields of art, especially in music.They are not alien to the ambition, which does not allow to be content with small and drives them up to career heights.

Lions born in the year of the Monkeyreliable people, and not in vain. Representatives of the described combination are responsible, generous, always ready to help a friend.

They are adventurous by nature, easy to lift. Therefore, they often get involved in unusual adventure stories.

Monkeys, born under the influence of the fifth sign of the zodiac, are characterized by curiosity and dynamism. They need to always be in the center of events, follow the news from the lives of loved ones. They love to gossip and collect information, but they don’t often trust important secrets - Monkeys do not know how to keep other people's secrets, and they don’t have much of their own.

Characteristics of a man Leo, born in the year of the Monkey

The defining qualities of the character of Leo-Monkey are perseverance, purposefulness and a penetrating mind. Such a man is energetic and full of vitality. Seeking to satisfy his lofty ambitions, he shows enviable zeal on the way tofinancial solvency. Representatives of this sign are best suited to the profession, where they can fully demonstrate their brilliant mind.They produce highly qualified lawyers and teachers, success is also likely in the field of creativity.

The stumbling block on the path to career heights may be the inability of Leo the Monkey to finally determine the working direction.

Such men often try to keep up with two hares, trying themselves in different professions. As a result, they can not boast of serious success in any of them, because they are unreasonably wasting energy.

But if the boy Lev born in the Year of the Monkey is clearly defined with a career direction, then he is likely to succeed in his work. But even in this case, the financial viability of this man will not be resolved, since the Monkeys do not know how to plan a budget at all.

Imperfections of the mark

Leo-Monkey hard going through major failures. Because of them, he permanently withdraws into himself, becomes weak, incapable of decisive action. The reason for the next stagnation may be personal problems, and professional. It is pointless to fight this phenomenon; it is much more reasonable to use moments of calm for self-analysis and planning further actions.

Lev Monkey has an impulsive, even explosive temper, loves to control everything. It is difficult for his relatives to withstand such pressure, but they are unable to correct the situation - it is almost impossible to correct the behavior of a representative of the royal sign, he is too stubborn. If anyone is able to eliminate this minus, then perhapslion himselfwho recognized his mistakes in time.

Characteristics of a man Leo, born in the year of the Monkey

Lion-Monkey has an impulsive, even explosive character

Characteristics of a female Leo, born in the year of the Monkey

Monkey lionesses are born masters of oratory. They so eloquently and with conviction say that others listen to them with their mouths open. Whatever the topic of the “report”, the representative of the described combination will take it to heart to make it exciting and emotional.

This seemingly insignificant detail plays an important role in the life of a girl born under the sign of Monkey. The fact is that she spends a lot of energy on conversations, in which, in fact, there is nothing important. It is interesting for others to listen to her, in society she is a wonderful orator.But the Monkey Lioness focuses so much on her own "sermons" that she lacks attention to other aspects of life. Because of this, personal relationships may well suffer, but most often this negative trend affects the career of a woman Leo.

However, the representatives of the mark have enough positive qualities that allow them to succeed at work.They are talented, hardworking and persistent.. The girl Leo, born in the year of the Monkey, has a strong leadership character that many men would envy. But at the same time she is sentimental and generous, has a keen sense of justice.

Characteristics of women lions born in the year of the Monkey

Monkey Liones are born masters of oratory

Women Monkeys periodically pulls on philosophy. They tend to talk for hours about the meaning of an event, to analyze it from all sides. The reason for the long reasoning can be a phrase that was accidentally thrown by someone or another minor trifle.

Girls of this sign manage finances much better than men.

The Monkey Lioness can earn money, can save money, knows how to plan a budget. Therefore, in her wallet she is almost never empty.

Imperfections of the mark

The main disadvantage of Monkey Liones is too powerful. This girl isownerwhich tends to dominate others. Lionesses to senior positions and often succeed on them, so in the working direction this quality should be considered as positive.

But in private life it serves as a serious impediment to relationships. If the elect of an imperious woman has a strong character, then a constant struggle for leadership and conflicts on this basis is almost a guaranteed result. A weak partner willy-nilly obeys the Lioness, but it is unlikely that he will be pleased.

Imperfections of the mark

Lionesses to senior positions and often succeed on them

Love compatibility of men and women of Lviv, born in the year of the Monkey

Monkey Lions are temperamental and unstable natures. Traction to diversity encourages them to often change sexual partners, but this does not mean that the sign does not like a serious relationship. Lion Monkey, regardless of gender, will gladly lead a long romance. Provided that the second half will be appropriate in nature. Only the same original person who can constantly maintain the fire of passion in a relationship can win the location of an extraordinary Monkey.

A man born under the combination of Lev-Monkey signs is not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex.He dresses beautifully, speaks beautifully, loves to flirt and compliment women. In communication with them, he feels free and relaxed. In their youth, these guys prefer short novels, but with age they startto family life.

The partner of this man will surely be pleased with his chosen one, because he treats his beloved girl with particular trepidation and is ready for any feats for her. But it costs Lev-Ape to feel the lack of reciprocity, as he quickly cools and starts searching for a new sweetheart.

In bed, such a man is a real wizard. He loves to experiment, acquires a solid experience early and successfully replenishes it throughout his life.

The initiative prefers to take into their own hands, but only partially. The partner of the Monkey man must also be active, otherwise he will get bored quickly.

Monkey Lions are not inclined to rush into the creation of a family and usually give birth to it in adulthood. The wife choose affectionate and good-natured girls. In the process of finding a potential spouse, the primary criterionact out the spiritual qualities of womenand not her appearance.

With the advent of the family, the Lion-Monkey will give it a lot of attention, but for the sake of it, it is unlikely that she will want to give up her many hobbies. The birth of children will certainly be very happy, because they see in their upbringing the main path to self-realization.

If a man Lev-Monkey considers love adventures of youth as gambling entertainment, then the woman of these signs approaches the affairs of the heart much more seriously. She almost needs to feel welcome, alone she fades.

Imperfections of the mark

Monkey Lions are not inclined to rush into the creation of a family

The representatives of the mark is incrediblecharming, can attract almost any man. Wit and insight allow them to maintain a conversation on a variety of topics, so with each person the Monkey Lioness is able to find common points of contact.

These girls are not shy to show their feelings and do it with great pleasure. Men value in them sincerity and straightforwardness, not passing beyond the limits of reasonable. From the side of the Lioness, born in the year of the Monkey, seem frivolous and in part this is true.But, choosing a partner for family life, the representative of the described combination shows the maximum responsibility.

She is looking for a partner with whom she will have a trusting relationship full of mutual understanding. Therefore, often the marriage of such women is an exemplary cell of society. To make a drop of tar in the almost perfect relationship of the Lioness-Monkey is capable of its overly domineering character. But cunning and resourcefulness allow her to successfully conceal her leadership habits if desired.

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