Charlize Theron will play famous journalist Megin Kelly

After Charlize Theron showed us that a woman in the role of James Bond might look no less epic than a man, the 42-year-old actress decided to play another strong character. This is an American journalist Megin Kelly, who is famous for asking the most uncomfortable questions to his interlocutors.

The plot of the film, directed by Jay Roach ("Trumbo", "Austin Powers"), will develop around a scandal involving the founder of the Fox News channel, Roger Ails. In 2016, after 13 years of work on the TV channel, Kelly accused Ails of sexual harassment, having achieved his resignation, but the trial was never completed due to the sudden death of a businessman. Megin was attacked by a lot of criticism, but this she did not calm down. In the same year, Kelly published Settle for More (“Get Filled Big”) in which she openly told about Trump’s attempts to bribe journalists during her election campaign, and much more.

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