Chic yellow wedding bouquet

A bridal bouquet is a very important wedding accessory. And its color is of special importance. By yellow all are skeptical and wary, but in vain. Such a bouquet can be a real bright accent and a symbol of the happiness of the newlyweds, if it is properly composed.


Many yellow ones are considered a symbol of infidelity, separation, a quick separation and treason. But you can look at this color from the other side. So, in some countries, he personifies wealth, abundance, well-being, luxury and wealth.

So the bride who chose such a bouquet will automatically strengthen and increase the family budget. In addition, this tone symbolizes the sun, warmth, joy, happiness and the most pleasant and vivid emotions, as well as warm feelings. In general, stereotypes away! Yellow bouquet is a wonderful choice!

In which cases will it be appropriate?

Yellow bouquet is a bold and bright accessory, but it is not appropriate in all cases. Some of the most important points:

  • First, the dress should be snow-white, in this case the color will seem particularly bright and sunny. Against the background of beige, it will literally fade and dim.
  • Secondly, the skin of the bride should not be too light, since the contrast with bright yellow can make her even paler. As for hair color, yellow will be especially beneficial in the hands of a brunette or a blonde with golden hair.
  • Thirdly, the yellow bouquet will ideally look at the wedding, which takes place in late spring, summer or autumn, that is, in the warm season. In winter, it will look ridiculous and inappropriate.
  • Fourth, the style of the wedding is important. Yellow is combined with areas such as Hawaiian style, hippie, Greek or country.
  • Fifthly, the bouquet can be added with other yellow accessories, for example, bridesmaids' bracelets, tablecloths or napkins on the tables, elements of the decor of the hall, groom's tie, belt on the bride's dress and so on.

How to make up?

If you are wondering how to make a yellow bridal bouquet, then first decide what will be included in it.

So, from what colors to make such a bouquet?

  • Callas.They look gentle, elegant and very original.
  • Roses. They personify the tenderness and romance of the image of the bride.
  • Yellow orchids will look just gorgeous and give the image of femininity and chic.
  • Mimosa - a symbol of spring and the awakening of nature, because these flowers appear among the first.
  • Sunflowers - a bright summer option for the most courageous and cheerful brides.
  • Tulips. They will be pleased with bright color, freshness and pleasant aroma.
  • Gerberas A bouquet made from them will be very romantic and sweet.
  • Daffodils are a true symbol of beauty!
  • Dahlias - ideal for creating bulk round bouquet.
  • Chrysanthemums will make the image of the bride even more romantic.
  • Chamomile. These wildflowers will present a real summer joyful mood.
  • The ranunculus resembles roses in the shape and arrangement of the petals, therefore it will also personify tenderness and love.
  • Craspedia This flower is suitable for bold brides who value originality in everything.

What colors does yellow match?

The most successful and interesting color combinations:

  • Yellow and white. This tandem looks fresh, bright and gentle at the same time.But if you decide to use white, then the yellow should be bright and juicy.
  • Yellow and red. Red will give the image of passion and make yellow more calm and noble.
  • Yellow and lilac. The latter refers to the calm tones, so that it will calm down the bright main color a bit and make the bouquet more delicate.
  • Pink and yellow. This tandem looks romantic and cute.
  • Yellow and blue. This is a bold, interesting and bright, but at the same time a noble and elegant combination.
  • Yellow and orange. This accessory will be very bright and sunny. And to slightly calm the riot of colors, you can add a little white. Then the accessory will literally change and acquire a special charm.
  • Autumn bouquet can be made of shades of yellow, red and orange.


If you decide to make a yellow bouquet with your own hands, then be sure to take care of its decor.

Suitable options:

  • Greenery. It is simply necessary, since absolutely all shades of green are ideally combined with yellow. But remember that the green should not be too much, otherwise the main tone can be "lost". Enough of a few branches, located on the edge and framing a bouquet, or a few arrows in the middle, diluting the composition.
  • To tie the stems of flowers can be white satin ribbon.Such an element of decor will add some zest and make the yellow romantic and elegant.
  • You can also use white lace, it will allow you to slightly shade the basic tone and add femininity to the accessory.
  • It is interesting against the background of bright yellow flowers will look white pearls.

Helpful Tips

Some tips for brides:

  1. The yellow bouquet should not be too large, otherwise it will distract attention from the bride.
  2. During the photo session, try to keep the bouquet on the background of the dress, and not near the face.
  3. Keep the colors fresh, as fading to a bright yellow color will be noticeable almost immediately.
  4. It is best to choose clean and bright shades of yellow, as pale or too light can be lost, merge with the dress (even if it is white) or appear dirty.

Let your bouquet bring good luck and become a bright detail of the image!

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