Choosing the "right" contact lenses

Fewer and fewer people in our time wear glasses to improve vision, and use contact lenses. Such products have many types and features, so everyone who wants to purchase such a product needs to know a few facts. For the purchase of such products it is necessary to go only to a specialized store of contact lenses, because there really is selling really high-quality and reliable products that do not inflict harm to health. As soon as you enter such a store, a huge selection of different CLs opens up before you, and how is it right to understand what is better to buy?


If you have to buy lenses for vision correction, then you need to pay attention to what material this or that model is made of. You should also pay attention to, if it is a hard CL, then they are gas-permeable or not. If these are soft models, then ask about their degree of hydrophilicity, i.e. moisture content. A low level of moisture capacity is less than 50%, and a high level starts at 50%.The level of hydrophilicity affects not only their quality, but also their price. The design of a particular model depends on the diagnosis of the patient. Spherical contact lenses are used exclusively for patients in whom myopia or hyperopia is observed. Toric models are also used for astigmatism. From this we see that it is very important to go to an ophthalmologist before going to the store for a purchase. Many specialized shops where contact lenses are sold offer an advice to an ophthalmologist, and then everyone who wants can check with the doctor on the spot and, out of diagnosis, select a product. It is important to understand that the correctly chosen lenses are a guarantee of their high-quality service.


When products are not selected correctly, they provide the owner only discomfort and inconvenience. Quite often, the result of improperly selected CRs is the effect of “flooding” the lenses. This result causes inconvenience and degrades the sharpness of visibility. In the store the buyer has the opportunity to purchase not only high-quality and reliable contact lenses, but also various means to care for them.Such products are necessary, because the hygiene of CL is a responsible and very important process, which excludes the possibility of infection in the mucous membrane of the eye, due to which various diseases and inflammations can begin to develop.

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