New Year's craft "Elka"

On the eve of the New Year, I want to make original crafts on the Christmas tree. Beautifully knitted or made from fabric, paper, sisal or foam. And any festive table will be favorably decorated with the "Elka" craft.

Christmas crafts Fir-tree

DIY sisal tree

Gifts must be given with love, and they should bring joy to those who are bestowed. Therefore, nothing will please your loved ones as a gift that you made yourself. A good choice would be a sisal tree decorated with various decorations.

For its production you will need:

  • sisal green;
  • the wire;
  • thin ribbon of organza;
  • Glue gun, charged with transparent rods of silicone;
  • cardboard green;
  • glue "Moment";
  • unnecessary magazines;
  • scissors;
  • glue brush;
  • plastic cover from a can with cotton buds;
  • white sparkles;
  • thin brush;
  • acrylic paints of white and gold colors;
  • decorative ornaments.

New Year's craft "Elka"We twist the cone from the cardboard, leaving a small hole at the top.Rule the base with scissors so that the cone stands straight on the surface. And the diameter of the base corresponded to the diameter of the lid in which the Christmas tree would stand. We glue the joints with “Moment” glue.

We take the wire, at one of its ends we make a loop on which we drip a little glue. The wire is passed through the hole in the craft, the loop remains inside, and the wire is outside. Take unnecessary magazines, make tight balls of different diameters from their sheets, with which you will then fill the cone.

Cut out from a green cardboard a round base, the diameter of which is larger than the diameter of the cone. This is done so that there is a reserve for gluing. Glue the base to the cone. Relying on your taste, we twist the wire, which serves as a continuation of the cone, and also decorate with sisal. Sisal from the beam evenly unwind.

Apply hot glue along the edges of the base of the cone. Thickly glue sisal, moving in one direction. We cover them with the entire conical surface. We also carry hot glue on the wire, after which we wind it. Reaching the end of the wire, cut the sisal, put a little glue on it and spin.New Year's craft "Elka"

We paint the clean and dried lid inside with white acrylic paint, and paint the outside with gold. Without letting the paint dry, sprinkle the surface with white glitter. We are waiting for the paint to dry out, after which we apply hot glue from the inside. Glue the resulting spruce to the base. Organza ribbon fix the product at the base. We decorate the Christmas tree with decorative toys.

From which improvised materials they just didn’t think of creating decorative Christmas trees. Interesting are crafts made from pasta or spruce made from satin ribbons. In the course are any materials, it all depends on your imagination.New Year's craft "Elka"

Greater popularity received New Year's crafts from foam. From this material, you can make a variety of decorative products, for example, a volumetric snowflake, a picture, a plate, lambs and even voluminous crafts are made of foam plastic. With the creation of such crafts can handle even a child.

You will need:

  • scissors;
  • rope;
  • Styrofoam;
  • green colored paper;
  • PVA glue.

We fold a piece of paper in half, draw the silhouette of a Christmas tree and cut it out. Such Christmas trees, we need 3 pcs.The resulting products are bent in half and glue together. After that, you will have a tree that has three faces. Bottom crafts decorate with peas of foam. Above we make a hole and pass a string, for which it will be possible to hang a souvenir. That's all, your decoration for the New Year's beauty is ready.

The New Year is a holiday that both children and adults are waiting with a sinking heart, so I want to plunge into the world of miracles and magic. Many wish the celebration to be unusual and memorable for the coming year. Christmas crafts, made with his own hands, will decorate your holiday table or will be a wonderful gift to a loved one. After all, things created by hand, are valued the most.

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