Christmas dresses 2016 for girls, photos

Christmas dresses 2014 for girls, photos

Christmas dresses 2016 for girls, photos

The girls are “snowflakes”, the boys are “parsley” and the whole forest fauna of central Russia. A few decades ago, such costumes used to dress up children for matinees in kindergarten and schools. Today's Christmas dresses for girls are quite suitable for some social event or a ball.


Fashion for children is more loyal and not capricious, it allows for puffy skirts, and numerous laces, patterned puffs and jabot. The choice of fabric to create children's Christmas dresses for girls is unlimited: silk, satin, velvet, lace, tulle, etc.


On New Year's Eve, the little lady will of course wish to become a heroine from a favorite cartoon: Princess Fiona or Cinderella, Snow White or Malvina, and the task of adults is to convince the child not to blindly copy a costume, but to bring the outfit as close as possible to the original character. It is necessary to convince the child that the heroine chosen by her also follows fashionable trends, and New Year's dresses for girls are different from everyday ones.


Various accessories help to make the outfit unique: a beautiful tiara, original beads or a necklace, an elegant sparkling hairpin, an elegant handbag, elegant patterned gloves, etc. If a masquerade ball is expected, then a little fashionista can complement her outfit is limited.


The closer the New Year's celebration, the more it appears in the sale of various carnival and holiday outfits and the main thing here is not to make a mistake and make the right choice. A few tips when choosing a dress:


1. To purchase the children's New Year's attire better in the market or in a specialized store. In this case, it is possible to try on clothes and understand how comfortable it will be. Ideal option - individual tailoring. After viewing photos of children's New Year's dresses, you can create your own unique outfit.


Christmas dresses 2014 for girls, photos


2. The size must exactly match, otherwise the holiday will turn into a torment for the girl. The seams of the dress must be of high quality, without protruding fragments. Even if the girl entered the middle school age, it is not necessary to choose children's New Year's dresses with a corset or slimming details.Youth in itself is graceful, and cramped movements will not bring the expected pleasure.


3. Dress fabric should be as natural as possible and have excellent airtightness.


Christmas dresses 2014 for girls, photos


4. It is better to avoid gloomy tones when choosing a New Year's dress - a little princess should be happy with freshness and tenderness. However, the dress does not have to be pastel colors: a bright skirt or bodice, a contrast belt or a bow at the waist will make the baby irresistible.


5. It is very important to allow the girl to take a direct part in the selection and creation of the New Year's attire, then you can avoid conflicts with your mother and have fun.


Christmas dresses 2014 for girls, photos


If a large family celebration is planned, then the daughter’s outfit may overlap with the theme, color scheme or details with the mother’s outfit. Trend of creation
Similar images for mothers and daughters have recently gained immense popularity.


Thinking about the future outfit can be guided by the eastern calendar. For example, the coming year will be held under the sign of the Fire Monkey, and the 2016 Christmas dress for girls may overlap in details with riding clothes.For the youngest children, you can decorate the dress with prints, embroideries, appliqués with the image of a monkey. All shades of blue, green, blue, violet and pearl-gray will become ideal color scale for a New Year's dress.


The celebration of the New Year's celebration will certainly succeed if a great mood is created, and the little princess in amazing outfit will be his main decoration.

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