Christmas felt star

Making the decor yourself is a very exciting experience. Holidays always inspire and give new ideas to create beautiful products. Unusual decor will come in handy for Christmas as a gift for children or friends. It is very simple and does not take much time. The main thing is to prepare all the tools and materials in advance. To create an asterisk you need: - 2 sheets of thin felt (viscose) - green and yellow; - cotton wool for filling the product; - green dense threads; - bright narrow ribbon; - small decor in the form of stars and flowers (can be replaced with beads); - scissors, glue, pencil; - paper for blanks; - toothpicks or long sticks; - dry soap; - needles of different thickness.
materials for asterisk
The work is performed in stages. First, you need to make 2 main parts of the product: a star and a stick. The rest of the time will be allotted to decorating the product. The first step is the creation of blanks for the main elements of the product. For this, you will need 1 large sheet of paper, a ruler and a well-sharpened pencil. Draw a medium sized star with 5 ends and another smaller one. You can use plain paper, but it’s better to make cardboard blanks. Take scissors and carefully cut out paper stars. Attach the finished form to the sheet of felt, and circle all the outlines with a dry soap. For a large star, green felt is suitable, and for a small star - bright yellow. It is necessary to get 2 blanks for each star.
 cut asterisks
 stars of different colors
 sew blanks
Getting to the preparation of the first part of the product - the stars. It is necessary to sew 2 halves of blanks with green threads. Use the overlay stitch with a thread grip. Walk around the contour of the star, filling the star with cotton wool.For pushing inwards, it is convenient to use a thin stick or toothpick. As you fill, cotton should be straightened and flattened. Between one of the ends of the star, leave room for adding sticks.
fill filler
 materials for sticks
 we sheathe
You can put off the finished star for now. Proceed to create a wand for it. Take a piece of paper and roll it into a tube, attach it to the felt and measure a piece of the desired size. It is necessary to cut a long rectangle out of felt, bend it in half and sew 1 edge with a thread. The seam can be made ordinary, we will still turn it inside out. When the leg is ready, fill it with cotton and leave the upper end open. In addition to cotton wool, you can fill the tube with paper or long sticks connected to each other. Finished elements, a star and a wand, you need to connect. To do this, we also use green thread. Strongly worry about the seams and knots are not worth it, you can hide them beautifultape.
felt asterisk
Decorate the star with a yellow inset in the form of a smaller star, sewing it on top with sweeping stitches. Wand should be wrapped with a ribbon crosswise, at the end of tying a beautiful bow. The final decoration of the star itself is to glue small beads or small stars and flowers. It is convenient to use sets for decorating baking. A pleasant smell will create a special holiday atmosphere.
 wrapping tape
The decor is fixed with glue to the ends of the star. Add a few pieces in the center of the product. It will not take long to dry if the glue is good. You can decorate a Christmas tree with a festive decor.
 Felt Christmas Star

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