Christmas-tree toy do-it-yourself for school and kindergarten competition: Step-by-step instruction with a photo of how to make a Christmas tree toy from colored paper, cotton wool, threads and a ball

1EISP-034Beautiful, bright and unusual Christmas tree toy with your own hands, made at home, will be an excellent gift for the New Year for dogs, friends, relatives, educators and teachers, or play the role of a spectacular exhibit at a competition in kindergarten or school. To work, you will need cotton wool, paper, felt, papier-mâché, cloth and old burnt out bulbs. And the below described master classes with step-by-step instructions will tell in detail how to turn these simple materials at hand into vintage, flashy or original elements of a festive decor.

A simple Christmas tree toy "Horn" do-it-yourself to a kindergarten contest - instruction and photo step by step

The instruction, provided with step-by-step photos, describes how a simple Christmas tree toy “Horn” is made with its own hands at a kindergarten competition. There are no great difficulties in the work and the guys will gladly try their hand at doing this task. Parents will need to connect only at the stage of fixing the loop on the product. This moment is very important and he will have to pay special attention so that later in the most inappropriate moment the hand-made article would not fall and become wrinkled, completely losing its attractive appearance.


Necessary materials for the New Year's competitive toys in kindergarten

  • crepe paper of milky and orange color
  • craft paper
  • decorative pastry dressing
  • PVA glue
  • scissors
  • sparkles
  • brush
  • acrylic gold paint
  • cotton wool

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Christmas tree decoration for the New Year's contest in kindergarten

  1. From a sheet of kraft paper cut a fragment, the size and shape corresponding to the fourth part of the circle. Dip the brush in gold acrylic and draw the cells that mimic the texture of the waffle.Sprinkle with sequins and let dry.1EISP-028
  2. Then twist the horn from the blank and glue it with white glue. Within 1-2 minutes, hold the place of the knock with your fingers so that the glue will stick and the horn will not open.1EISR-029
  3. From a paper of dairy and orange color, cut one small square one by one; put a cotton ball in the center. The edges of the squares gently bend to the center, forming something like a marshmallow from a paper base. Lubricate the corners with glue and cover with a piece of paper of the same color.1EISR-030
  4. From above to the dairy part to glue a loop, for which the toy can be hung on the Christmas tree.1EISR-031
  5. The surface of the parts of the milky color should be smeared with glue and dipped in the dressing.1EISP-032
  6. When the decorative coating dries, collect all the details and connect with each other with the help of PVA.

Beautiful Christmas tree toy "Angel" with their own hands on the competition to school - step by step instructions for children


The very elegant and beautiful Christmas tree toy “Angel” made for the competition to the school with their own hands, according to the advice given below step by step instructions, will immediately attract attention and, for sure, will receive if the first prize, then the audience award.

The necessary materials for the handmade Angel toy for Christmas party

  • white and light brown knitting yarn
  • fine gold thread
  • satin white ribbon
  • thread
  • needle
  • Super glue
  • decorative brooch
  • metal key ring
  • colored beads

Step by step instructions for making their own hands for the competition in the school toys for the Christmas tree

  1. Take a notebook or not too thick book of such length, which is planned to make a toy. Wrap the thread around, tighten and reel until a dense layer of nails is formed, under which the cover will not be visible.
  2. On one side, thread a piece of thread and tightly tie up the winding. Cut the opposite side with scissors.
  3. On the resulting brush from the binding site, retreat a little and make another strapping so that on one side a dense ball is formed (the basis for the head of the toy).
  4. From white threads cut 30-40 pieces in length of 15 centimeters, fold them together, so that the ends do not stick out and be bandaged from one side with a gold thread. Divide into three identical parts and braid into a tight pigtail. Also fix the second edge with a golden thread.
  5. Take the already made blank with the head. Open the thread part in half, insert the woven pigtail into it, placing it horizontally. Just below the bandage with a gold thread, to get a belt and a long skirt.
  6. A pile of beige threads spread out in length and tie up in the middle with a thread. It will be the hair. Gently sew them to the head.
  7. For wings, fold a piece of satin ribbon, bending both edges to the middle, so that they find a little on each other.
  8. Make a few stitches forwards with a needle, gently pull off and fasten to make an easy fit. Top sew a brilliant decoration.
  9. Wrap the metal key ring tightly with gold thread, seal it with super glue and put it on the toy head.
  10. Mouth embroider with red threads. In place of the eye to glue the dark beads. Beautiful Christmas toy "Angel", made with your own hands to the competition in the school, is ready.

Christmas tree toy for the contest with paper hands - detailed step-by-step instructions on video

On the eve of the winter holidays in kindergarten and school, the children often receive from teachers and teachers the task to make a Christmas tree toy for the New Year contest with their own hands.Usually this does not cause any difficulty and the boys and girls are accepted for work with pleasure. Ideas for crafts draw from their imagination or use the advice of master classes, for example, just such a simple and affordable video tutorial. Here in a step-by-step mode, detailed instructions are shown, following which, it will not be difficult to make an original Christmas tree toy for a contest with your own hands out of paper.

New Year's souvenir - Christmas toy "Dog" do it yourself

Beautiful and original Christmas souvenir - the Christmas toy “Dog”, made with your own hands from soft knitting threads, will become a bright element of the New Year's decor. It will take quite a bit of time to make, and the result will long please and lift the mood with its attractive, funny and optimistic appearance.

The necessary materials to make a toy dog ​​on the Christmas tree out of their own threads

  • two color yarn (white and beige)
  • PVA glue
  • black threads
  • scissors
  • blade
  • fabric glue
  • light brown felt
  • thick cardboard sheet

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Christmas toy “Dog” for the Christmas tree with threads

  1. From the skeins of yarn to make three pom-poms - two larger ones for the body and the head of the dog, and one - a bit smaller, in a contrasting shade for the face itself.
  2. To begin with, cut out two cardboard circles from a sheet of thick cardboard and carefully cut out the middle part in each of them to make rings.
  3. Fold the carton blanks together, so that the edges coincide, rewind with threads and tie it to a strong knot. Make a thin cut on the thread, making sure that the blade falls between the cardboard fragments. Then carefully open the cardboard and tightly rewind the pompon with threads in the middle.
  4. By the same principle to make the second pompom. If the threads somewhere will stick out, cut them with scissors to make the surface look smoother and smoother.
  5. From the dark threads make a pompom smaller. Longer threads that remain from the central strings, do not cut.
  6. On a pom-pom, which is planned to be used for the head, separate some of the threads and tie up so that there is room for the muzzle. Cut the base of the pom-pom a bit so that it becomes more pointed. To untie and fluff the collected threads, which separate the muzzle from the whole head, giving them shaggy.
  7. Glue a small pompon into the zone of long, fluffy threads.
  8. Use black fingers to form three balls, gently coat them with PVA glue and leave them to dry well. Then glue them into place peephole and toy nose.
  9. Long threads, which tied the middle of the pompons, connect the head and the body of the dog. The edges are tied tightly together and to be glued to the guarantee.
  10. From light brown felt cut two pieces in the shape of elongated ears and attach them on both sides of the head. In the area of ​​the head, it is possible to sew a loop, for which the Christmas toy “Dog” made of threads with your own hands can be hung on the Christmas tree.

How to make a Christmas toy out of papier-mache with your own hands at home to a child


A full description of how to make a papier-mache Christmas tree toy with your own hands at home is contained in this step-by-step master class. The work is quite simple, but at the same time allows you to show imagination and realize your fantasies. After all, it is not necessary to make only traditional balls or stars from papier-mâché. You can give the plastic mass any shape, and then brightly and in an original way decorate the surface, turning the usual craft in this way into an exclusive and unique Christmas-tree decoration.

The necessary materials to create a house with children's hands from papier-mâché toys on the Christmas tree

For making mass papier-mâché

  • paper egg cage or toilet roll
  • PVA-M glue
  • hot water
  • emery cloth

For exterior decoration

  • paper clips
  • white and a set of acrylic paints
  • glitters
  • satin ribbons, waxed thread, pieces of lace, etc.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a homemade toy for the child at home

  1. For making papier-mâché, soak a paper egg cage for an hour in a small amount of hot water. When the water has completely cooled, the resulting gruel is gently pressed by hand and in small portions introduce the PVA glue into it, gently kneading it into a plastic mass. Finish when the mixture ceases to stick to the fingers and begins to hold the shape.
  2. Blind from the prepared mass of toys of the desired shape. These can be balloons, hearts, stars, or any other favorite options. Unclip the paper clips so that on one side a large eye is formed, and on the other a small one. The edge with a small eye should be carefully drowned in the created figure, so that a loop can be made from the large one.To it you will then need to tie a strong waxed thread, braid or satin ribbon, for which the toy can be hung on the Christmas tree.
  3. Form the toys carefully dry, putting on the battery. It will take about a day.
  4. Then nazhdachkoy with a large section will have to handle crafts from all sides. Then make finishing sanding more finely textured skins.
  5. Then dry the blanks with glue with PVA glue and leave to dry completely.
  6. At the next stage, paint each toy with white paint so that the subsequent drawing looks more bright, bright and sharp.
  7. In the end, decorate the products according to their own tastes, decorate with sequins, lace and other decor elements and hang on the Christmas tree.

How to make a Christmas tree toy from threads and a ball - video lessons

The video lesson clearly shows how to make a Christmas tree toy from threads and a ball. To do this, you will need only bobbin threads of different colors, a large needle and glue. As a result of several simple manipulations, you will get bright, beautiful and unusual decorations, which you can decorate a New Year tree or collect in a garland and use for decorating a residential orgame room, classroom or assembly hall. The big plus of such toys is also the fact that they do not fight. Therefore, parents, educators and teachers will not need to worry that one of the children accidentally drops the product and injures themselves or other children.

This video shows not only the process of manufacturing a New Year's toy from threads and a ball, but also the subsequent way of creating an additional festive decor for the product.

Simple, beautiful Christmas tree toy "Snowman" made of cotton with his own hands for the New Year


A detailed lesson with step-by-step photos explains how, for the New Year, a beautiful and simple Christmas tree toy "Snowman" is made by oneself. The work does not require any specific skills and abilities. Simply follow all the instructions and complete the tasks clearly and accurately. Children will be able to cope with the work themselves, but together with parents to prepare for the winter holidays they will be much more interesting and more and more.

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