Church holiday October 29



The Holy Martyr Longinus, a Roman soldier, served in Judea under the authority of the Procurator Pontius Pilate. During the execution of the Savior, the detachment commanded by Longinus stood guard around Calvary, at the very foot of the Holy Cross. Longin and his warriors witnessed the last moments of the earthly life of the Lord, the great and terrible signs revealed after his death. These events shook the soul of the warrior, and he believed in Christ. (According to church legend, Longin was the warrior who pierced the ribs of the crucified Savior with a spear, and from healing blood and water healed the sick eyes). After the execution and burial of Christ, Longin and his detachment stood guard at the Holy Sepulcher. Here, warriors were honored to see the Sacred Resurrection of Christ. The Jews bribed them to testify that the body of Christ had been kidnapped by His disciples, but Longin and two of his comrades were not seduced by gold. Believing in the Savior, the soldiers received Baptism from the apostles and decided to leave the service.Longin left Judea and went with a sermon about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to his homeland, Cappadocia. He was followed by two of his comrades. The word of the true participants in the great events in Judea shook the Cappadocians; Christianity began to spread rapidly in the city and surrounding villages. Upon learning of this, the Jerusalem elders convinced Pilate to send a detachment of warriors to kill Longin and his associates. The detachment arrived in the village of Longin; The former centurion himself went out to meet the soldiers and led them to his house. At the meal the soldiers told about the purpose of their arrival, not knowing that the owner of the house is the person they are looking for. Then Longin and his associates called themselves and asked the astonished warriors, without embarrassment, to fulfill their duty of military obedience. They wanted to release the saints and even advised them to flee, but the Companions refused to do this, having shown a strong will to accept suffering for Christ. The martyrs were beheaded, their bodies buried where they bequeathed, and the severed heads were sent to Pilate; he ordered to throw them in a landfill. After a while, a blind woman came to Jerusalem to worship shrines.In the dream, Longin appeared to her and told her to find his head and bury her. Blind was escorted to a landfill. Touching the head of the martyr, the woman received her sight.

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