Cocktails for New Year 2015 recipes

The combination of unusual flavors, bitterness and sweetness, intoxicating aroma and ambiguity - all this can be combined in one glass. Having prepared a cocktail for the New Year, you will certainly surprise your guests by destroying stereotypes and adding some spice to the celebration. In the home version, such a drink is especially good, because the concentration of ingredients can be chosen at will and adjust the richness of taste to suit you.

Cocktail with lime and rosemary

Recipe # 1 - Cocktail with lime and rosemary

Exotic countries gave us a lot of juicy and unusual fruits, from which you can get unmatched cocktails for the New Year. The recipe for making a unique drink is simple enough, the main thing at the same time is to balance the tastes and choose the right ingredients. As experienced chefs have noticed, sweetened lime goes well with the “pine” aroma of rosemary, and the parsley leaves form a light first nose taste.



  • lime - 1 pc
  • sugar - 2 tsp.
  • Vodka - 30 ml
  • sprig of parsley - 2 pcs
  • rosemary sprig - 2 pieces

Cooking method:

  1. Initially, you need to hide the glass in the freezer so that it is cool enough.
  2. Then carefully rinse the parsley and rosemary sprigs, separate the leaves from the stems - you will only need them, you can throw out the twigs.

    rinse parsley and rosemary

  3. Squeeze one lime and measure the right amount of vodka for a cocktail.

    measure out

  4. Take a stupa and pour sugar into it. Add 10 ml of vodka, squeezed lime juice, parsley and rosemary.

    Take a stupa and add sugar to it

  5. Pound the contents until the rosemary gives away all the juice. Then pour the mixture into a shaker and pour ice into it.
  6. Shake the contents for 20-30 seconds, first wrap it with a towel. This is necessary so that the fingers do not freeze, because after 10 seconds the walls of the tank will become icy.
  7. Take a glass out of the freezer. It heats up very quickly, so do not hesitate to fill it.
  8. Carefully drain the drink, filtering it from pieces of greenery and ice.

    shaker mix

  9. New Year's cocktail is ready! Make decorations out of goodies as desired. In winter, a sprig of parsley and olive is perfect.

Recipe number 2 - "Virgin Pina Colada"

Virgin Pina Colada

This traditional Caribbean coast has only three ingredients: rum, pineapple and coconut juice.Since finding the last of them in our open spaces can be quite difficult, cooks replace it with liquor. Gentle taste and delicate aroma of the drink quickly won the hearts of gourmets and fantasy spawned many variations of the preparation of this cocktail. One of them is the “Virgin Pina Colada”, which differs from the classical performance in that there is no alcohol in the cocktail.



  • cream of high fat content - 100 g
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.
  • small pineapple - 1 pc
  • milk - 100 g
  • ice cubes

Cooking method:

  1. The first step is to clean the pineapple, cut into cubes and leave a few cloves to decorate the cocktail.

    cut into cubes

  2. Squeeze the juice from the fruit.
  3. Then it is necessary to combine the cream with milk in one container and pour the pineapple juice there.

    Combine cream with milk in one container and pour pineapple juice into it.

  4. Sweeten the ingredients a little.

    Slightly sugar ingredients

  5. Beat well with a blender.

    Beat well with a blender.

  6. Cocktail is ready! Add a couple of ice cubes and decorate the glass with a slice of fruit.

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