Collage of jigsaw puzzle with children's photos

A collage of jigsaw puzzles with children's photosis a great idea for a nursery room.

Materials and tools:

  1. baby photos;
  2. cardboard;
  3. drawing paper;
  4. papers with a pattern;
  5. glue, scissors, pencil;
  6. decorations.

Step 1

Take a drawing paper, draw the same squares, then add (draw) the puzzle elements and cut out. Using the resulting template elements of the puzzle, we transfer them to paper with a pattern and cut out. We will lay out the puzzle and glue the tape on the back.

From thick cardboard, we also cut out the puzzle elements, only smaller ones and glue them to the paper elements.

Decorate a collage and paste photos.Collage A puzzle with children's photosis ready.

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