Coloring eyebrows at home

Agree, it is difficult to imagine a pretty and well-groomed woman with overgrown, faded or just shapeless eyebrows. If without them? Such a seemingly small detail, and how important it is: beautiful eyebrows are able to even out the shape of the face, add depth and expressiveness to the look, give the image a special charm and make it complete.

The perfect bend and harmonious color of eyebrows, unfortunately, is a rarity for modern women, they always have to be maintained in order by various tools and cosmetics.

Everything should be natural

Someone used to constantly pull out and “draw” a new face every morning with a pencil, and someone decided to take drastic measures and made a tattoo.

But, to be sure, along with all the advantages of such methods, there is a huge number of drawbacks: every day you get tired of drawing new eyebrows, especially in summer, when you want to take a shower or wash one more time and not lose your “face”.

The same applies to sports ladies who spend a lot of time in the gym, where excess makeup is not appropriate at all. It seems that all these problems are solved by a tattoo, but only here there are some pitfalls: it is much harder to alter an unsuccessful form than to wash off ordinary makeup, an unsuccessful color or careless work of a master can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences.

Do everything neatly

All these problems are solved by ordinary eyebrow paint, which, with quality composition and performance, can last for about a month, which saves you from daily drawing in front of a mirror, but, in case of failure, will not make you suffer with a new look for many years.

If you do not know how to paint eyebrows with paint, then with this question you can easily turn to a professional in a beauty salon, where you can get your eyebrows in order in just 20 minutes.

On the other hand, to make this procedure at home is easier than ever; it is only necessary to acquire the necessary tools and materials. Everything you need can be purchased in the same salons or in ordinary cosmetic stores.

Where to begin?

If you still decided to bring your eyebrows in order at home, then first you need to attend to choosing a coloring agent, or rather his tone.

In the perfume department, you are likely to be offered several types of paint: in the form of a gel or powder, disposable or reusable, as well as a couple of basic shades. So choose the one that seems to be the most convenient and suitable option for you, then go on to determine the tone.

They must be neat.

The tips of professional stylists are as follows: it is believed that dark girls, such as brunettes, should choose a color for their eyebrows that will be a couple of shades lighter than their hair. You should not be zealous, choosing a blue-black paint, with this color you can look vulgar.

Blondes will approach the color of the paint, which will be three shades darker than the color of their hair, but no more. Ginger and brown-haired should be chosen among brown shades. For burnt-out girls or for women with gray eyebrows, it is best to use gray inks, and in order to achieve the desired result, the shade must be adjusted in the process of coloring.

Use hair dye as a dye for eyebrows is not recommended, because it has a more aggressive composition,and to choose the necessary dosage is not the best option.

Eyebrow tinting. Tools and technology

Now that you know how to choose paint, you need to prepare all the additional tools that will help you achieve the desired effect in the process of dyeing. So, the inventory:

  • To dilute the paint you will need a small glass or plastic container. Metal does not work, because the paint contains trace elements that will begin to oxidize in such an environment.
  • Spatula or brush for applying paint, you can use ordinary cotton swabs.
  • Protective equipment: a towel so as not to get dirty, as well as gloves, so as not to wash off the paint from hands.
  • Oily cream or petroleum jelly that protects the skin around the eyebrows from staining.
  • Wadded or cosmetic wipes in the form of a crescent.

The technology of the process is simple: to begin with, it is necessary to prepare the face by cleansing with means for washing. Eyebrows must be pre-plucked, giving them a shape that best emphasizes the features of your face.

It is necessary to do this in advance in order to prevent the dye from getting into the microranges during the dyeing process, and by this time a small inflammation has passed.

Although some masters prefer to pull out eyebrows immediately after coloring, especially in cases where they are too light and the necessary form is not visible.

Basis for a good make-up

Around the eyebrows we apply a fat cream, then we dilute the paint strictly according to the specified instructions in the prepared container. If you do not understand something in the instructions, then it is better not to buy such paint, so as not to harm your appearance.

Now proceed to the staining: we type the paint on the brush and apply it with a thick layer gently on the eyebrows. Make sure that the coloring composition does not get in your eyes, the whole procedure should be done, slightly leaning forward, and then wait for 7-15 minutes depending on the desired effect.

The longer you hold, the deeper and more saturated the color will turn out. As time runs out, the paint must be removed with a dry cotton swab, and then wash your face with warm running water.

If the particles of paint still got on the skin, then they can be removed with a cotton swab with a cream applied or with the aid of a makeup remover.

Remember that the prepared coloring composition must be used immediately, otherwise it can deteriorate.Eyebrows can be painted no more than once a month.

How to care after staining?

Eyebrows, like the rest of our body, need care, especially if they are subjected to periodic staining. After such a procedure, it is very useful to lubricate them with nourishing creams, castor, sunflower or camphor oil.

If you notice that the hairs began to fall out often, then you should look after them with firming linseed oil.

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