Compatibility of Dev and Aquarius: "we are two poles ..."

Natalya Erofeevskaya November 28, 2017

Relating to different astrological elements (Aquarius - Air, Virgo - Earth), they exist asheaven and earth. Order, accuracy, accuracy in everything - the Virgin could have made these principles his motto, while air Aquarius prefers real chaos in everyday life and personal life. Such a uniondisputes and conflicts can not be avoided.

However, the combination of Virgo-Aquarius only at first glance seems completely incompatible. Serious, reasonable and reasonable Virgin, if desired, can understand the sometimes unfounded optimism of Aquarius. Punctual and even pedantic Virgo, on the contrary, values ​​both her wallet and her own time on this earth - the throwing of Aquarius, her frivolous attitude to work, people and circumstances can become a real stumbling block in this alliance.

Almost the only thing that unites Virgo and Aquarius - they rarely pay attention to extraneous opinion

But let everyone think that Virgo and Aquarius are so different:true feelingsthey can incite a magnificent, passionate and long novel.

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