Congratulations on Police Day - official prose words from the governor and the police chief. How to congratulate the policeman on the holiday - funny poems and funny sms


Despite the fact that the police have long been called the police in a new way, the professional holiday of all Russian law enforcement officers - the Day of the Internal Affairs Officer - is still celebrated on November 10th. On the eve of this celebration, congratulations on the Day of the Police, I receive hundreds of thousands of brave and valiant men and women all over the country. These brave people are welcomed by state officials, federal managers, heads of regional and local police stations, and other high-ranking officials.At the events on the occasion of the holiday, respectful lines in prose sound, in which the heroes of the occasion are thanked for order and tranquility on the streets of Russian cities. Family members honor their loved ones and loved ones with pleasant words and kind, sincere wishes of health, happiness and well-being. Colleagues companions delight each other with funny jokes, funny quatrains, humorous sms and funny pictures, from which everyone is uplifted and there is a desire to "serve and protect" with double enthusiasm.

Congratulations on Police Day - official words from the governor and the police chief

Official congratulations on the Day of the Police Officer on the eve of the holiday are told to the personnel of high-ranking officials: the governor, the head of the regional police station, federal and municipal officials, deputies and public figures. Festive phrases sound capacious, respectful, solid and express great pride that the leaders feel for their brave, sincere and responsible subordinates. To beautiful words about valor, honor, dignity and mutual help are usually joined by the wishes of good health and longevity, stamina, vitality and not passing enthusiasm.Indeed, without these remarkable qualities, it is simply impossible to fully surrender to work and perform it not for a “tick”, but for the highest category.



Employees of the internal affairs bodies, you are worthy of the loudest praises, good health, true friends, loving loved ones, awards from the state and thanks from all citizens, whose peace you keep and whom you protect from evil! With a professional date you! Celebrate, enjoy life, love, distract from difficult everyday life and be happy!


Police officers want to congratulate today on their professional holiday. It is thanks to each of you that our streets are safe, and at night you can sleep soundly and calmly. The work of a policeman is no less important than a doctor or teacher. Therefore, on a professional day, we wish work to bring joy, and life to be happy.


On the Day of the Russian Police, we congratulate everyone on the holiday! We thank each employee of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for honest service, for a responsible, prompt and professional approach to business, for a lightning reaction in assisting and supporting everyone who needs protection! Happiness to all your families, accomplishments of valorous deeds, success and courage!

Congratulations to the prose on the Day of the police officer


In prose, the Day of the Police Officers relatives and friends congratulate respectable acquaintances of men and women who have a long history of service in the internal affairs bodies. For them are selected weighty, respectful words about valor, strength of character, dedication, professionalism and great responsibility that lies on the shoulders of these people. The policemen sincerely thank you for the calm on the streets that their service provides, and they ask you to remain just as honest, courageous, incorruptible and selflessly devoted to the fight against crime. Inspirational speeches supplement the wishes of a lightning reaction, life wisdom, patience and courage in a difficult but important for society work, and, of course, successful career growth and new stars on epaulets.


Police, the police, if you do not call it, you still always remain the guardians of order. I wish that in your life the order was in everything: with health, with finances, in business and in personal life. With professional holiday you!


Congratulations on the Day of the Russian police, and I want to leave the wishes of fortitude and iron endurance, peace and balance.Let health not fail, let the power of thought help to find a solution in the most difficult moments, let life be filled with happiness and fun, let justice and goodness reign in the world.


Congratulations on the Day of the ATS officer! I wish less extreme and danger in your profession and more health and success in life. Let the stars, fulfilling the most cherished desires, fall from heaven directly to you on epaulets.

Congratulations on Police Day - new cool poems


Humorous and funny poems congratulate good friends, colleagues and just acquaintances with direct relation to law enforcement and internal affairs bodies on Police Day. Very close friends with a progressive sense of humor are welcomed with new rhymed works, with a hint of savory sarcasm describing the daily ups and downs of police and police life.

Cheerful and optimistic verse phrases about friendship, devotion to duty, loyalty, mutual assistance and honor are selected for colleagues. Poems recite out loud during corporate events and cozy gatherings on the occasion of the holiday directly in the department, write on posters and themed postcards intended for solemn decoration of the working room, or place on their pages on social networks.Optimistic lines enhance the feeling of joy and set everyone up for a cheerful and slightly frivolous mood. And what else is needed on the day of such a wonderful professional holiday ?!


Happy police day, friends,
I congratulate you today!
And today I am loud
I wish you wealth,
Wish you now
Valiantly and gloriously live,
Every day and every hour
Shoulder straps with pride to wear!


I want to be in condition
Today is Militia Day!
So you're in the police now ...
Congratulations from your friends!
I wish you always be healthy
Honest, noble and willing
Keep order day and night,
And overcome all adversity!


On prints, on a feather -
Ready villain portrait!
Fairy experts are the Kibrette,
We wish you happiness for many years!
To serve forever
Right guard sharp mind!
Be sensible, merry and brave
Friends of devices and sciences!

Congratulations on Police Day - quatrains for SMS messages


SMS messages with congratulatory quatrains on the occasion of the Day of the Police are sent to all the familiar policemen, who are not possible to greet in person. Courageous and courageous men and women who were on duty on a holiday, childishly rejoice in pleasant words that suddenly appeared on the phone display.From the most simple and short, but very sincere and touching lines on the soul becomes warmer and brighter. There is a strong feeling that others highly appreciate this complex but very subtle service, and, despite everything, they are greatly grateful to the guardians of order, daily and nightly guarding the peace and prosperity of cities, regional centers and villages of an immense country.

In order to sms-ka turned out more heartfelt and cordial, to the verse lines add a few words in person from yourself. Here it is quite appropriate to wish the law enforcement officer quick disclosure of the most intricate cases, the benevolent attitude of the authorities, loyal friends and reliable partners, strong nerves, health, family happiness and rapid promotion. Every policeman, regardless of gender, age or rank, will read very sincere and warm phrases written by close people, relatives and acquaintances very much on the day of his professional holiday.


It is good that there is one who can protect,
Who is always ready to take your problems on yourself,
I congratulate you on Police Day today,
And I wish, let the problems leave us forever.


Personal happiness, love and good luck,
And to hear “thank you so much” more often,
You policeman with the Day of ATS!
Health, good luck to you.


How to deal with crime - the seemingly eternal question,
People have been discussing this topic for many years
But for you, the struggle for happiness is calling and destiny,
Happy Police Day today congratulations to you, my friends!

Congratulations on Police Day - pictures and postcards

The most pleasant and kind congratulations on Police Day for colleagues, friends and acquaintances are surely supported by colorful and bright greeting cards with pictures. There are no special requirements to the image, but it is desirable that, nevertheless, it be associated with the theme of the holiday. Of course, if you want to write a few warm phrases on a card with flowers, no one can forbid you to do this. But postcards directly related to professional celebrations will delight law enforcement officers much more than all other subjects.

For distinguished friends and colleagues, senior in rank, they choose flashy, spectacular, but at the same time solid and serious images. Here relevant state and departmental paraphernalia, loud headlines and a strict tint palette.

The lady cop is presented with a less stringent story.Young employees who have just recently enlisted in the service of organs are given cool pictures to their partners and very close friends, with a good sense of humor showing the characteristics of a difficult police service. Such expressions of attention to each other make the relations in the team warmer and create an optimistic, festive atmosphere around.




Congratulations to your beloved man on Police Day - cool and short

As a congratulation on Police Day, very touching, warm and tender phrases in prose, supported by several lines of a cool poetic work, are quite suitable for a beloved man or spouse. In a home setting, do not say too pretentious phrases. Your favorite former policeman, now a policeman, has already heard all these words from his superiors at official events dedicated to the Day of the police officer. It is better to just thank your loved one for his loyalty and dedication to work, tell me how proud you are of him and how desperate you are going through when he goes on a mission. Simple, frank speech will demonstrate your love and will surely touch the stern heart of the servant of the law.A short cool quatrain, recited out loud, written on a postcard with a thematic picture or sent as a text message to a phone number, will give the moment a special sincerity and charge the hero of the occasion with joy and optimism.



You go every day with a form
And you do your duty.
So that everyone without experiences
I could walk calmly through the streets.
The police are you our pride
And on the day of your profession,
Let me heartily congratulate you ...
And wish happy and peaceful days!


Happy police day, my dear,
My beloved protector, dear!
It is an honor, your holiday to celebrate,
I want to wish you -
Always be as brave
The best and most skillful.
For me you are my hero.
Husband beloved, dear!


Your service, as if in a song
And dangerous and difficult
And my fate - in the evening
Wait by the window.
Happy police day congratulations
I love you, my husband,
Let penalties and bullets
Always fly past,
For people standing guard
And in the cold and in the summer heat,
The main thing is alive and healthy.
Come back home.

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