Construction of a brick house

The choice of bricks for the walls of the house

To begin construction, the type of brick is selected from which the house should be built according to the project.
Brick can be hyper pressed, red and silicate. Hyper pressed is a pressed ground limestone. This material is very similar to natural stone.
Red brick is a highly eco-friendly material for the walls of a residential building. Possesses sufficient resistance to frost, high humidity. Incredibly durable building material for the construction of the main "box" of the building.
Silicate brick is a quartz sand mixed with water and lime. Durable, eco-friendly, frost-resistant building material.
Price, quality, scope of each of the types of bricks are different from each other. Therefore, the choice of the type of building material from which the house will be built is paramount.

Foundation work

The first step in the construction of a brick house - the construction of the foundation.Today there are many types of different foundations. Which of them will be erected at the site for the construction of the house - decides its architectural design and engineering design, approved by experts.
Types of modern foundations - belt, pile, slab, monolithic, columnar, stone, prefabricated.
In the foundation work should be installers who correctly fulfill their task. After all, how solid the foundation will be and how initially the choice of its type is correct will depend on how long the constructed house will stand, whether it will not require additional repairs in the near future.

Walling the house

The construction of the walls of a brick house is also a task for construction professionals. The laying of the walls can be different: a spoon (the lower brick closes only half), a chain (the brick closes symmetrically next to a quarter), a cross (asymmetrically closed by a quarter).
The thickness of the walls in the building is provided by the architectural plan. It can be from 120 mm (thin) to 640 mm (thick). The choice of wall thickness depends on whether the house is supposed to be only plastering or to finish its facade with additional heat-insulating materials.It is taken into account whether the house will be used by the owners only in summer or year-round.
Simultaneously with the bearing (outer) walls, internal stop walls are erected. Required secondary partitions will be erected after the installation of the entire "box" of the building.

Joint stitching

An important stage in the construction of a kerpichnogo house. What does it mean - jointing (cutting) seams? In this case, the builders of the solution, which is located between the laid bricks, attached to either a convex shape or concave.

Finishing work

Next, the builders start the finishing work. The outer walls of the house are insulated, lined with decorative brick or plastered.
A roof frame is being erected (also strictly according to the project of the house), roofing materials for it are selected.
Before interior work in the brick house, engineering networks are carried out, communication pipes are laid.
Interior finishing work, home insulation from the inside are carried out as the final stage in the construction of a brick house.

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