Cool summer series that you might have missed

It is sometimes difficult to keep up with television novelties, because every month there are new premieres. We separated the wheat from the chaff and chose four excellent and already started this summer series that could pass you by.


Sometimes a very funny comedy about the 80s wrestlers.

In the foreground, actress Ruth (Alison Bree), who desperately but unsuccessfully attends castings. With her hands and feet, she grabs a new, raw TV project about women fighting in the ring.

The name of the series is difficult to translate into Russian: it is not “Glitter”, although there are plenty of clothes from Lurex and spandex, but an abbreviation that stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The series dedicated to female staged wrestling can be a good hint to those who are still looking for themselves in life. Just do something you like. Even if it's something - effectively shake the best friend's feet in front of the audience.

In Netflix are able to shoot TV series about specific women's companies, remember at least a bestseller "Orange - hit the season."And if in the latter, female types are considered within the framework of the Lichfield prison, then in G.L.O.W. - in the ring, training sessions and parties for getting money for shooting. It is worth noting that it will not cut the eyes from time, although there are plenty of them and they are most amusing. Among them are the ugly mustache of the director, the dominance of aerobics and costumes, as if taken from the museum storerooms of the series “Santa Barbara”.


Drama about the crimes committed by a good man, performed by the winner of the Golden Globe.

Another brilliant new product from Netflix is ​​a dramatic series about an excellent accountant and a good guy Marty Berde, who got involved in the drug business.

Marty Bird (Jason Bateman) - a wonderful father of two children, a family man, a man of justice and with some moral foundations. However, he accepts the proposal of the pre-emptive drug lord and agrees, together with his business partner, to launder the money of the drug cartel. When it turns out that a colleague secretly takes some of the money to himself, Marty has to give back the debt to the mafia and work even harder under the threat of death. In order to pay off his debts, Marty and his family travel to the huge Ozark Plateau, where people with full wallets come to the summer. In the idyllic land immediately discovered its own mafia, and the number of corpses around poor Marty Byrd is growing.But despite the fact that it is Marty who brews porridge in many respects, he is the only one, mainly due to the positive charisma of Jason Bateman, who turns out to be almost the only good guy to the whole of Ozark. Marti's wife is played by the wonderful Laura Linney, who, after giving birth to a child (at the age of 50!), Finally reappears on the screens. Both Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are great actors, the owners of (Linnie are twice) Golden Globe awards, so the story about money laundering through the efforts of the actors becomes deeply psychological.

"Room 104"

Blackish comedy with an unexpected plot.

An ironic series of HBO channel, filmed by the Duplass brothers, possessing an unusual sense of humor. The directors and producers took the classic dramaturgical trinity of time, place and action as the basis. All events take place in room number 104 of the hotel, which is located near the airport. The thirty-minute series are complete stories, absurd, eerie, funny, ridiculous ... In the first episode, a young nanny, who came to sit with one boy Ralph, discovers two little boys, and the second one has a terrible character and habits of a psychopath.“Room 104” sends greetings to the distant 1995 film “Four Rooms” and the series “Hotel Room” by David Lynch.

"The Last Tycoon"

A drama about the golden age of Hollywood based on Fitzgerald's novel.

The series was created based on the eponymous unfinished novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Amazon showed the pilot last year, viewers voted to continue the project, and the result was finally in front of us.

Hollywood 30s. Handsome Matt Bomer plays a brilliant producer Monroe Star, who can make a hit out of everything. However, his life is not as radiant as it seems at first glance. Monroe has to confront the Nazis, who seek to influence the Hollywood rules, and seek the heart of an impregnable actress, like his late wife ... But the novice screenwriter, a charming girl and the daughter of another filmmaker Cecilia (Lily Collins) are very interested in Monroe himself. The series created Billy Ray, a screenwriter with a lot of experience, behind him and "The Color of the Night", and "Captain Phillips".

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