Cool tips for creating the perfect signature

Each of us, sooner or later, comes to the moment when you need to think about creating a personal signature. Most often, the first and most serious time falls on the period of obtaining a passport, that is, at a rather young age.

That this event does not take you by surprise, and in an important document you do not have to leave a ridiculous scribble, which then, according to all rules, you will have to repeat exactly on other papers, you need to prepare for this in advance.

What is a signature? From its appearance and the image of writing depends on how a person will be perceived in the business sphere, for experienced people, she can become your real graphic portrait that will describe many features of your character and personality as a whole.

This is a unique identifier that plays an important witnessing role - without your signature, no significant document will become valid, it is a way of expressing the will and consent of a person. That is why you want so much to come up with a beautiful and memorable signature that you would not be ashamed to use if necessary.

For example, some signatures of famous or historically significant people managed to become famous throughout the world not worse than their own owners! But how to come up with such an autograph for yourself?

Interesting ways to create a unique signature

As soon as you sit down with a piece of paper and a pen at the table, hoping to come up with something original, all thoughts and fantasy go somewhere, only the most banal and boring options come to mind. In fact, to come up with something really beautiful, you need to improvise for a long time by hand, without this you can not do.

For inspiration, you can see and understand the unusual signatures of famous people, maybe some idea to use for yourself. So, how to invent your own unique stroke?

  • The simplest option, which, nevertheless, remains one of the most effective, is to use the first 3, 4 or 5 letters of the last name, which can be supplemented with an original stroke. It can cross the letters, go around them with a soft arc, or just be a kind of continuation of the letters. By the way, psychologists say that it is from this final stroke, in many ways,depends on the success of a person: if the tail of the squiggle tends to go up, then expect success! But if it is sadly lowered, then, most likely, the fate of such a signature awaits the owner of such a signature.
  • If such an option does not leave a positive result, then before the letters of the surname you can still add the capital letter of the name - thus, in the signature you will have two uppercase letters. Sometimes all these letters are combined into a single whole, and sometimes between the capital letters add a small space or a period to visually separate the initials. Finish the creation again with the help of the original stroke.
  • If you don’t want to advertise the name in the signature (this happens if it is not very harmonious), then you can use only one capital letter from it, and continue the autograph with intricate loops and curls. In addition, you can not use the surname at all, but come up with a signature from the components of the name and patronymic. By the way, it can be convenient especially for women, who with the change of surname and passport can not be tormented by inventing the next original autograph, but simply leave the former one.
  • Of particular popularity recently began to use strokes, which are fully or partially composed of letters of the Latin alphabet. Due to the considerable number of differences from the Cyrillic alphabet, a lot of new options appear to create an interesting and extremely original signature.
  • The most beautiful and unusual are the strokes of people who are well acquainted with calligraphy - it is there that the rules of elegant combinations of letters and various curls are collected. Therefore, if you still do not know which version of the signature to come up with, then you can visit several lessons of this interesting science, where you will surely be thrown into several worthwhile ways. For example, they will certainly tell about some of the features and style of signatures: for example, women's strokes should be smoother and softer, and men should be complemented by a large number of straight and solid lines.
  • And finally: in creating a truly beautiful personal graphic portrait, only practice and training will help you. It is necessary to repeat the invented stroke on a piece of paper for a long time and diligently so that you can write it to full automatism.Ahead is to sign on a set of papers and documents, so it is very important at the crucial moment not to get lost and repeat your signature exactly as it was thought out by you in advance.
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