Coral (jade, linen) wedding - wedding anniversary of 35 years

For years, spouses spend together, getting to know each other, more and more connecting their energy. Together 35 years - Coral (jade, linen) wedding, not by chance received such a name. After all, coral very slowly grows into a beautiful and strong sea representative. So, having lived such a long period of time, the husband and wife strengthen their union, improve it. And if so much is passed, then a deeper understanding of love appears.

35 years from the date of the wedding - what kind of wedding? Coral Wedding - 35 Years Wedding Anniversary
This day, traditionally, is associated with red color and the element of water. Therefore, it is necessary to pick up clothes in red colors and arrange the festive hall in the appropriate colors.

35 years from the date of the wedding - what kind of wedding?

Celebrate 35 years - Coral (jade, linen) wedding, should be with chic and scale. At this time, the children have already grown up, maybe there were also grandchildren.Of course, relatives should help in preparing the celebration. If possible, it would be great to go on a sea voyage. Especially symbolic will be the rest of the Red Sea. In this place you can perform the rite.

Early in the morning to go ashore, tell each other the innermost and drop the connected hands into the sea. Or plunge completely. This ritual cleans, it is called - ablution. And after that, there will be a special moment if the spouse gives his beloved twig of coral. This gift will mean sincere love and strength of feelings. If during this date there is no possibility to go to the sea, then you need to go to the river or pond. There the spouses throw a red ribbon into the water, which means a tribute to the lived years together.

If the couple is a believer, it will be useful to go to church. It is necessary to put candles to Nicholas the Wonderworker, to thank for his alliance and to ask for a well-coordinated and long life. You can fill two vessels with water, and upon arrival home, pour one another's head out of them. Such a rite symbolizes the sanctity of marriage and confidence in the family.

During the celebration, there should be strong red drinks on the table, such as wine.A husband can give his wife a bouquet of 35 red roses early in the morning. This act will be very pleasant, and will bring joy to both.

You can perform a very interesting rite. Spouses on a piece of paper write their secrets of family well-being, and hide this paper in a casket. They give it to her grandchildren. The same should keep it before the wedding, and open only at wedding.

The main thing is to rejoice and celebrate, not to forget the tradition, to add a few red elements to the decor. Keep family secrets of long love and give warmth to loved ones.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 35 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).

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