Covers for documents from birch bark

Tools and equipment

For the manufacture of a passport cover you will need such materials and tools :
  • Stationery knife.
  • Wood scorcher.
  • Scissors.
  • Thick , transparent polyethylene.
  • Birch bark.
  • Pencil and pen.
  • Second glue
  • Ruler.
  • Glycerin.

Making a cover of birch bark

First you need to peel the bark. To do this, with a stationery knife, turn down the layer we need from the rest of the bark (the thinner the layer you manage to remove, the easier the further work will go) and carefully and without haste, tear off the selected layer.
Covers for documents from birch bark
After this, we attach our document (in my case a passport) in expanded form to the sheet of selected birch bark and draw a pencil around it.
Covers for documents from birch bark
Now we take scissors and cut along a circled contour, but with a margin of three millimeters more.Next, fold the workpiece in half, put a passport in it and dub it with scissors, bringing it to symmetry. Do not forget about the margins!
Covers for documents from birch bark
After that, we take out the document from the blank and put it aside. Cut out of dense polyethylene internal (preferably transparent) margins for the cover. To do this, we put inside the billet 5 cm of polyethylene and draw a pen around it.
Covers for documents from birch bark
Cut out the resulting fields. Repeat the same procedure with the second side. We attach the cut polyethylene to the inside of the blank and live with second-hand glue.
Covers for documents from birch bark
Only we live the very edges so that the glue does not get between the bark and polyethylene. Now we take a ruler and tick every five mm. on the edge of the birch bark where polyethylene lies to it. Then we make holes on the marks with the burner.
Covers for documents from birch bark
Putting this blank aside to make a harness for the binding of birch bark and polyethylene.For this, according to the ruler, cut off the thin (in the width of burned holes!) With a knife, peel it off to obtain a kind of thin ribbon and impregnate it with glycerine for elasticity.

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