Cozy and miniature ottoman with own hands

It is very nice to flop after a day on your feet. It is soft, light and extremely cute. And how children love him! Play, jump, just roll on it and watch cartoons ... Already guessed what was going on? That's right, today we will tell you how to make a cozy ottoman with your own hands. Such miniature soft armchairs are sold in stores, but they are usually cheap. Let's find out how easy it is to sew it with your own hands and spend the least amount of money.

For work you will need:

  • a filler (you can pull it out of old pillows or buy a synthetic winterizer);
  • two pieces of fabric 45 * 55 cm (top and bottom);
  • a piece of fabric 2 m long (side) - choose the height yourself;
  • rope-rope, cut 4 m.

We start sewing ottoman:

1. Cooking pieces of cloth. The segments for the top and bottom are rounded at the corners.

2. Edge the sides of the fabric with a rope, in addition it can be hidden with a small piece of fabric.

3. We cut round edges so that they do not bristle when turning out.

4.A piece of fabric for the side of the pouf is compacted, sew with the front side segments of the same length, leaving a recess on the side.

5. We sew the parts together, turn out.

6. Fill the padded stool tightly with padding from old pillows or bought in a store.

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