Create a brooch in the style of boho

Boho style is very close. And one of its features are the indispensable accessories - bags, belts, necklaces and brooches. Today we have found for you the master class of Novikova Irina. You can use to create a brooch absolutely any materials available at hand. Buy it is necessary that a pin for fastener. And everything else for sure will be found in the storerooms of any needlewoman and not even the needlewoman!

I used:

- a strip of cotton cloth 4 cm wide and 80 cm long;

- the remains of tulle;

- strong threads;

- needle;

- beads are different;

- metal accessories in the form of leaves;

- felt;

- skin;

- pin;

- Moment glue.

My sundress came to a complete disrepair, just in the style of boho. Well, the Japanese people are extremely economical: worn kimono - no one will throw it! And they are utilized with profit, they create all kinds of paintings in the style of kinusayga. Well done! Are we worse? Cut her sundress on the rags. I will sew a boho bag from it. And there was one strip left neither here nor there ... Thatโ€™s what I decided to use to create a brooch for this master class.

From the felt I cut out a circle and make a cut.

I stitched this cut in the manner of a Vietnamese hat (not only Japanese, but also Vietnamese trends went into the game ๐Ÿ™‚

I fold my strip of fabric along in half and sew it to the "hat" in the center, fastening it at the corners.

Then I turn the strip like this and sew again.

It turns out the first "petal". Similarly, I turn the next time.

And the first round around the center is ready.

We continue to rotate the strip of fabric in this way, retreating with each โ€œturnโ€ further and further from the center.

At a certain stage, the strip is already ceasing to turn off. You yourself will feel it when this moment has arrived. And we continue to coat in the same way, but already with a single strip, until along the edges of the strip will not play for felt about a centimeter.

Now cut off the excess strips.

We turn on the wrong side.

And gently hem all the protruding parts of the fabric strip, like this.

We proceed to the decor of the rose. For this you need beads.

You can, of course, be limited to one color and size, but it seemed to me too boring. And boho - style cheerful!

When the middle is filled, cut a piece of felt the size of a little more than the diameter of the rose.

Itโ€™s not for nothing that my spare parts from the future brooch lie on the tulle, not in vain ะบัƒั I also cut off pieces of strip from it, with which I will sheat the felt-backing for the rose. If there is no unnecessary tulle, it is not necessary to shred existing curtains in an inconspicuous place ๐Ÿ™‚ You can replace it with a piece of guipure, any lace, sacking, satin ribbon, etc.

I have sheathed it with such a freestyle and completely asymmetrical. Boho symmetry, of course, also respects, but asymmetry is more than ๐Ÿ™‚

Try on a rose.

Now I take out my stocks of metal leaves.

Sewing them.

Again, trying on roses.

You can sew! I will sew it, adding additional small beads to the center.

But the center then we will sink inside. I should not have woven a Vietnamese hat! Therefore, I take sintepukh.

Raise a rose and lay sintepuh in the dome "hat" from the inside.

Now you can safely sew center by adding beads! At this could be to stop, but I decided to indulge in excesses. Began to make buds or berries of cat's-eye beads. I collect an elongated large bead, then a small round bead, I pass the needle through the large bead again into the fabric.Thus, the small bead serves as a stopper and, concurrently, a pimp of a berry or a bud ๐Ÿ™‚

I also sew small flowers.

I fix them in a similar way, typing a flower on the needle, a large bead-pearl, a small bead, and passing the needle through a large bead and flower, bypassing the small one.

Now I will sew a fringe. I insert the needle under the rose. The edges of the roses are not sewn yet! I collect the right amount of beads, a large bead and a small bead.

And just as I sewed "berries", without inserting a needle into the extreme small bead, I enter it into all the others and into the fabric.

Thus sew all the fringe.

I, unable to cope with myself, sewed a few more beads of the tiger's eye and agate ๐Ÿ™‚ And with small inconspicuous stitches I fix the rose around the perimeter. Then I turn the brooch. I cut a circle out of cardboard, slightly smaller than the diameter of the felt. It is needed in order to align and compact the backdrop. I glue this circle with glue for a moment.

Then I cut a circle out of leather, already a couple of millimeters more felt. I put a pin in it and I also glue it with the moment.

For reliability I am stitching around the perimeter.

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