Crocodile stitch - a new trend in crochet

Be sure to learn how to knit this crochet stitch. It resembles a reptilian scales, therefore it is called a "crocodile". You can use it in the decoration of completely different items of clothing. Many needlewomen have already mastered the new ornament, because thanks to it you can link beautiful and very original things.

Green color fits this pattern best. Slippers with "crocodile scales" look very funny. And most importantly, not a single crocodile was damaged during their creation.

Cape poncho associated with the use of such elements looks very original. Bulk invoice draws attention. And red color is associated with fabulous dragons.

Even the smallest is such a mating. The gradient emphasizes the beautiful shape of the bootees. In such shoes you can not be afraid of even the monsters living in the closet!

Comfortable moccasins for home, and with such a beautiful finish, will please any legs after a long working day.

A real ballerina should always take care of her bundles. To save heat will help incredibly beautiful leggings.

I wonder what this hat looks more like a fancy bird or a dragon egg?

In such mittens it is warm and comfortable. And scales give them a very unusual look.

This handkerchief resembles a fairy tale armor.

A little miracle in a fairy hat.

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