Dahlias - luxury flowers for your garden

A lush and bright dahlia flower will become an excellent inhabitant of your garden: beautiful large flowers are seen from a distance, they can easily be made up of chic compositions or grown in the form of solo plants.

Their dazzling beauty also pleases the unpretentiousness of the flower: it is quite easy to grow it, the main thing is to choose the right place for planting and provide timely watering.

The flower came to our edges from the mountainous regions of Mexico, by the way, there its roots were even eaten. According to one of the legends, this magnificent flower used to be seen only in the royal gardens, but one gardener in love stole a dahlia and planted it right under the windows of his beloved.

Of course, the gardener paid for this and was sent to prison, but the flower, since then, lost its splendor of secrecy, a simple people has learned about it. Legends are legends, but the grace and incredible beauty of a dahlia really appealed to Europeans, after which it began to be actively bred in our latitudes. Today we will talk about how to grow beautiful dahlias on your own plot.

Most popular varieties

What do we know about this flower? The dahlias received their name from the geographer and botanist Johann Georgi, but this is from us, but in their homeland they call the flower Dahlia.

Today, there are many species and varieties of dahlias, they differ in flower shape, size, for example, there are real giants more than a meter in height, and there are instances barely reaching 40 cm. And what to say about the variety of colors, if you wish, you can choose flowers for every taste, breeders brought even a black look!

Perhaps the most popular are needle and globular species, the length and color of which can vary greatly. Needle differ from the rest in long petals twisted into a thin tube, resembling a thin needle.

Spheriformes can boast of lush and juicy inflorescences with fleshy and fairly large leaves folded into bulky tubes. Also often grow pompon dahlias, which are shaped like a spherical, but inferior to them in size. Another common type for growing in gardens is collar dahlias, which can reach 120 cm in height.


The first question is when to plant such flowers? Many gardeners know that low temperatures are destructive for dahlias, and therefore it is necessary to plant prepared tubers at the beginning of summer or at the end of spring, when the possibility of return frost is completely bypassed.

Perennial representatives need to be dug out of the soil for the winter, and the tubers should be stored in special conditions, which can be quite laborious, especially for beginning flower growers. For replacement you can grow annual dahlias, which are also beautiful and unpretentious to care, and you can grow them from seeds.

In order not to bother much, they can be sown directly in open ground approximately in the middle of May, however, they will then bloom only towards the middle, or even towards the end of August.

In order to achieve an earlier appearance of flowers, seeds in the middle of April are sown in greenhouses or germinated in plastic containers at a temperature of 25 °. The appeared sprouts dive in separate pots, after the seedlings need extra care and stable watering, and already in the middle of May it can be planted in open ground.

So, where to plant dahlias?

The choice of a landing site is extremely important, so that the flowers will please you with their splendor and long flowering. Best fit slightly darkened or sunny areas, though, even in a dense shadow, dahlias will grow well, but this will affect their flowering and the density of foliage.

The optimal soil is weakly acidic or neutral; it is important that it is well drained and not very dense. The size of the pit for planting a tuber depends on its size, in addition, it must fit manure or compost.

The root neck of the tuber should, after planting a couple of centimeters, rise above the surface of the soil, from which new shoots will appear as a result. During planting next to the tub it is advisable to drop a peg that will support the future stems - externally powerful, but very fragile.

Flower care

To flowers grew as large as possible, it is important to carry out the procedure of pasynkovaniya - remove excess stems on the tuber. Ideally, there should be two or three shoots, which will develop as quickly as possible and delight with luxuriant flowering.

It is important to remove faded buds in time so that they do not interfere with the growth and formation of new inflorescences.You should water the dahlias regularly, but it is important not to overdo it, enough 1-2 times a week, provided that there is no rain. If the plant grows at home, then it is necessary to moisten the soil as it dries.

Take care that your pet does not become a victim of pests, for example, very young stems actively attract snails and slugs, and young buds are earwigs. At the first signs of damage, treat the bushes once a week with a solution of celandine or a decoction of wormwood in the evening. From caterpillars and aphids, plants can be sprayed with systemic insecticides, another option is spraying with a normal soap solution.

Another important point is fertilizing, it is important to carry it out every 2-3 weeks, while organic fertilizers vary with mineral fertilizers. The flowers are cleaned after the first frost: the tubers must be excavated, the stems and foliage cut off, leaving only 5-10 cm.

Tubers should be cleaned from the ground, washed, carefully dried and put in storage in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of about 5 °. To do this, suitable dry basement or cellar,in an apartment it is more difficult to do this: the tubers are put in boxes and placed in the coldest place, for example, on the balcony.

On top, they must be filled with sawdust or perlite. To save space on top of the sawdust, you can make another row of tubers, and then again fill them with the material used.

During the winter, they must be periodically reviewed for the presence of rot, and if such areas appear, they must be cut to the healthy part and treated with green paint.

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