Delicious and useful agave syrup

Around the world, fans of a healthy lifestyle, as well as people who are overweight, are increasing the popularity of natural sugar substitutes, which allow you to feel the pleasure of delicacy with sweets without significant damage to your body shape and health.

These substitutes include agave syrup. But if in the West it is used for quite a long time, then on domestic shelves this nectar settled relatively recently. How is this product useful and what is its value compared to regular sugar?

A few words about the manufacturing technology

To obtain syrup from the agave, juice is extracted, which is then heated to a certain temperature and evaporated for several days. The result is a thick consistency and enhanced sweetness of nectar. Accordingly, by changing the duration of heating, the manufacturer adjusts the color, taste and viscosity of the finished product.

The most popular are two versions of the syrup:

  1. Light - with a lighter and softer creamy taste with bright caramel notes. It is usually used as an ingredient for baking, cocktails and desserts, or as a standalone product. Fans of cheese traditions will appreciate the trio, which includes cheese, agave syrup and walnuts.
  2. Dark - different thicker consistency and rich flavor bouquet. It is additionally enriched with inulin, which breaks down when heated, which has a beneficial effect on human immunity. Such nectar perfectly enhances the taste of many main dishes.

Beneficial properties of sweetener

One of the main advantages of syrup - its naturalness, coupled with a minimal process of technical processing. This makes it possible to preserve most of the nutrients contained in the agave juice. Of course, the maximum benefit is able to bring exactly the untreated juice. However, given that this plant grows mainly in Latin America and the United States, our compatriots remain content with the industrial version of nectar.

Nevertheless, according to the manufacturers, even in this form the syrup successfully contributes:

  • strengthening the immune background, and therefore it is advisable to use it as a prevention of viral diseases;
  • beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal system, thanks to the removal of toxins and toxins, the role of a prebiotic and the provision of a gentle laxative effect;
  • normalization of the endocrine system in patients with type 2 diabetes, due to the low glycemic index of the product;
  • strengthening bone tissue and increasing the absorption of calcium by the body, which is especially valuable for children and the elderly;
  • removal of excess fluid, in connection with which the syrup is recommended for diets and in the fight against edema;
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the body.

In addition, having a lower calorie in comparison with sugar (310 kcal against 370 kcal), agave nectar is almost one and a half times sweeter. Accordingly, to get the usual taste will need a much smaller amount.

Therefore, your teeth and figure will not slow to say "thank you". And the fact that 90% of the syrup consists of fructose, which does not cause a sharp rise in the level of sugar in the blood, makes it possible to safely attribute it to diabetic sweets.

Another unusual feature of the product is its ability to slow down the production of eggs in the female body. For girls planning pregnancy, this feature can be negative. But for those who do not intend to know the joys of motherhood in the near future, this may be an additional method of protection. Of course, to abandon traditional contraceptives only in favor of nectar is not worth it. To do this, there are special tablets developed on the basis of agave juice, which are sufficient to take a couple of times per cycle.

Are there any contraindications?

Although the benefits of using agave syrup are weighty, there are a number of limitations to its use:

  • Diseases of the pancreas, gallbladder and liver (cholecystitis, pancreatitis), type 1 diabetes, as well as diseases associated with changes in the hormonal background of the body.
  • Planning a pregnancy.
  • Obesity. Although nectar is successfully used as one of the means of a complex of weight loss, in cases of significant overweight you should consult a specialist. The fact is, weight problems are often a secondary manifestation of hidden diseases in which the use of nectar can do more harm than good.
  • Individual intolerance, expressed in allergic reactions.

Many opponents of sweeteners are appealing to the fact that frequent consumption of fructose in high concentrations can lead to a whole bunch of problems: from speeding up the aging process to the development of diabetes. However, it should be noted that excessive abuse of any product can cause negative consequences. As the well-known proverb says: “In a drop is a medicine, in a spoon is poison”.

Therefore, in order to bring delicious agave syrup to not only gastronomic pleasure, but also to benefit the body, you need to follow a reasonable measure in its use. You should also, if necessary, do not forget to consult with your doctor about the feasibility and standards for the inclusion of this product in the diet.

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