Description of varieties of parthenocarpic cucumbers

Parthenocarpic cucumbers are a special group of hybrids. Learn more about it and maybe you want to grow these cucumbers in your country house.

What is parthenocarpic cucumbers

The main feature of this group is that it does not require pollination. Do not confuse these hybrid cucumbers with self-pollinating, it is a completely different process for which you need flowers with pistils and stamens. Parthenocarpic varieties do not need pollination at all. You can learn these varieties by the absence of seeds.

parthenocarpic cucumbers
Parthenocarpic cucumbers grown in greenhouses
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This is an ideal group of varieties for greenhouses where there are no bees. It does not make sense to grow them in the open ground. In addition, if you grow such hybrid varieties in the open field and expose them to pollination, the cucumbers will turn out to be unattractive curves.

Parthenocarpic Cucumber Varieties

Breeders brought a lot of varieties of this group. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Ajax Ultra early variety.Increased productivity, on a huge bush many ovaries form. Fruits are small, length 11-12 cm, emerald color, there are white thorns and large bumps. Suitable for salads and marinating.
  • Angel. Early ripe variety. Fruits in 40-43 day. Gherkin fruits 11 cm long, without bitterness. Suitable for use in all forms.
  • Hermann. One of the most unpretentious varieties. Fruits 8-10 cm long with a pleasant taste. Great for canning.
  • Christina. Early Dutch variety. Not afraid of disease and the negative effects of the environment. Suitable for use in all forms.
  • Marcella. Also an early Dutch variety. Fruit gherkins. Suitable for growing in all types of greenhouses.
  • Masha. Early high-yielding variety. Cucumbers are dense, without bitterness. Suitable for canning.
  • Annie Differs in strong branching and abundant harvest. Cold-resistant, not afraid of disease. Suitable for use in all forms.
  • Blanca. It grows rapidly and bears fruit early. Mini fruit up to 7 cm in length. They are very juicy and fragrant, there is not even a hint of bitterness. Not afraid of typical cucumber diseases.
  • Gosh. The variety is suitable for growing in harsh farming conditions.Fruits are not bitter, tasty, do not outgrow.

All the varieties described you can grow in your greenhouse. The rules for planting and caring for them are the same.

With proper care, cucumbers from this group give excellent yield in greenhouses. Grow one of the varieties in order to evaluate all the advantages of the group.

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