“Despasito”: how are the Rostov citizens ignited under the main hit of the summer?

Sing, dance, fool around ... Woman’s Day presents a selection of the most exciting videos.

Incendiary Latin composition performed by Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee beats every imaginable record of popularity. A simple motif is sung in various parts of the world, and when they hear the first chords, everyone starts to dance.

In August, the hit "Despasito" overcame the mark of 3 billion views on "YouTube". The single led the music charts in more than 35 countries and became the most listened to music streaming services. To date, the video has more than 18 million likes.

“I wanted to write a hit so that people would dance, but I didn’t expect such a success,” said Louis Fonsi.

The singer's wish came true: the song became a real dance hit. In the network there are all new and new videos under the Latin American masterpiece. Fantasy users knows no bounds!

So, in second place by the number of views is a cover version of "Despasito". The gentle vocal of the young singer clearly pleased the users and collected almost 40 million views.

After the song gained wild popularity, the hot Latin hit sounded in a new way. What musical instruments did he not play on! A piano, a guitar, a cello, a saxophone, a violin ... The Ukrainian version of pandora and bayan gained almost 370,000 views on the Internet.

Incendiary "Latinos" made dance not only people. Even the baleen and the caudate began to move to the beat of “Despasito”. The network has a lot of videos where the main role is played by animals. Obviously, the Fuzzy also liked the hit composition. Under “Despasito” even Gennady was covered, ”the authors of the video wrote, where a very serious cat performed as a dancer.

I remember the phrase “Everybody dance!” From the comedy by Gaidai. Only in this case I would like to add: “Everything and everywhere!”. The video titled “When the favorite track played” causes a smile and delight at the same time. The girl gives up everything and incendiary dances as soon as she hears the first chords of her favorite composition.

No one was spared "Despasito", including Rostovites. Residents of the Don capital, too, lit from the heart. Among those who excelled were children in a dance school, car avtoledi, cheerful company in a limousine and a girl on a pylon.

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