Diamond Embroidery

The technique of diamond embroidery has recently become popular. But those who try to create such a picture will love this technique and will want to create masterpieces with their own hands again and again. Making the picture is easy, and the effect is amazing. The whole picture will sparkle and shimmer with all sorts of colors. To begin with, in the store where everything is sold for needlework, you need to choose your favorite set. If you are working for the first time in this technique, it is better to choose a picture easier, so that it is easier to do and you feel the whole process of creating a picture.
Diamond Embroidery
In the set immediately goes picture, it can be of different sizes, with partial adhesive or full. In my case, I used a painting with partial pasting. The kit also contains all the necessary lenses, a wand for rhinestones, and a small amount of gun glue in order to dip the wand into it.
 Diamond Embroidery
As well as a special capacity for rhinestones. Diamond Embroidery
The canvas, which depicts the picture, durable and holds its shape perfectly. To glue the picture you need to order and go from beginning to end. A special film covers the whole picture, it is necessary so that the glue surface of the painting does not dry out and dust and debris do not fall on it. The manufacturer poured a lot of pebbles into the bags. And, despite the fact that a lot of defective and ugly pebbles come across, they are still enough for one picture and even remain. We take the capacity, which was bundled and we pour the necessary rhinestones on it in small slides in different places.
 Diamond embroidery
In order to make it easier to work with a picture. You carefully review what you need first shades of rhinestones and pour them on a platter. Do not take extra colors, otherwise they can easily be confused, since the shades are very similar and can be confused very easily. I started my picture with a small stalk.
 Diamond Embroidery
I took all the shades of green I used first, and only then started pasting the bud itself. The glue surface in the picture is very good.After the paste is stuck, it sticks well and does not fall off. The film does not need to be removed immediately and the glue starts to glue. It is better to raise and glue the lenses little by little, whatever the dust on the picture. And in one day you will not stick the whole picture, but in a night without a film, the glue can dry out and then the rhinestone will not stick well.
 Diamond Embroidery
I didn't have a picture a very large size of about 30 * 30 cm and I slowly pasted it in 3 days. Since the whole picture is painted on canvas, it does not need to be inserted into a frame with glass. For such a picture, a hidden wooden frame is needed, on which the picture will be stretched. In the finished form, the pasted rose looks just great. It all sparkles and shimmers. A diamond technique is very much demanding and I want to make more such pictures.
 Diamond Embroidery

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