Christian Dior Mascara

The ink from Christian Dior is a kind of pass to the world of beauty and luxury. Dior himself once said that his goal was to make every woman not only beautiful, but also happy. Well, of course, where beauty is there and self-confidence, and where confidence is, there may be happiness. And an important condition of beauty is mascara from Christian Dior. Using this mascara, any woman can be confident in her irresistible.

Diorshow Iconic

Mark Christian Dior launches several varieties of this product. Among them, a special place is occupied bymascara Christian Dior Ikonik. Why special?

The answer to this question lies primarily in the innovative formula of the carcass. Manufacturers claim that this formula has a memory. Thanks to the complex Lift Model and special polymers included in it, the mascara creates three-dimensional makeup of the eyelashes and gives it memory.

In addition, this mascara lengthens and curls the eyelashes, gives them a dizzying the same time dividing (the latter is promoted by minerals and flint particles, also included in the Iconic).

Special attention is worth a brush. It is made of elastomer. What provides flexibility, has a curved shape, allows you to paint the cilia at any angle, the brush itself is a spiral shape, while soft, giving a comfortable application.

There are three colors for this mascara: classic black, brown and blue.

Carcass Reviews

Diorshow Iconic Fans (of which there are actually quite a few) also point to other advantages of this product, including:

  • non-allergenicity,
  • endurance,
  • easy application and easy removal,
  • the absence of a pronounced flavor (which in individual carcasses is simply unpleasant),
  • saturated color (in this case we are talking about the black version, it generally collects the most number of reviews).

And besides, for the mascara for Ikonik, it does not crumble and does not flow, does not imprint under the eyes.

Even such a trifle as a cap, worked for the convenience of the consumer, because during the application he does not slip in his hand.Even among the positives - a convenient stop, which will not allow to gain extra mascara on the brush. Well, in general, the design of the package leaves a pleasant impression.

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