Disadvantages and benefits of onion shampoo

About beauty and health of their own hair should be taken care of by each representative of the fair sex, because lush and strong curls - a matter of pride and grooming of every woman. True, to achieve this effect is sometimes very, very difficult, the problem of hair loss, brittleness and dullness of hair has spread everywhere. How to find a tool that can cope with all such problems?

This question is eating every second lady, everyone knows these agonizing "choices" in front of the shelf with the funds for washing their heads, what of the whole wide range can really help?

Perhaps someone already heard, but did not try, and someone and has never encountered such a hair loss remedy as a "911" onion shampoo.

You must have seen it in the pharmacy

Many know the healing properties of onions, its effect is beneficial to the health of the scalp and the entire hairline, but only to use freshly squeezed juice at home is not always convenient and pleasant, especially because of its specific odor.

Shampoo series “911”, according to the manufacturers, as well as its original ingredient, also has a large number of useful properties, but all the disadvantages inherent in onion juice, deprived. The first attractive circumstance - this product can be purchased only at a pharmacy, it already says something. Among other things, it is released at a very seductive price and has a good pleasant smell that has nothing in common with onions.

What does the manufacturer promise?

All the properties described on the package and in the instructions are quite attractive and believable: normalization of metabolic processes, restoration of damaged hair structure, nutrition and strengthening of hair follicles.

As a result of using the shampoo, the structure of the hair improves, fragility and dryness disappear, curls become strong, rich and silky. Also, the manufacturer assures that the purification process is gentle, which means that during the washing of the head, the natural balance of its skin is not disturbed.

Useful vegetable

Perhaps it is about this shampoo you can find the greatest number of opinions that are quite diverse, however, many of them testify to the benefit of 911.But we can not say that there are also those to whom the shampoo did not fit, the effect is zero, despite all the assurances of the manufacturer.

This, first of all, suggests that the onion shampoo 911 is not a universal remedy that suits everyone, which is, in fact, an absolutely normal fact, once again emphasizing the plausibility of this product.


At the moment, the existence of such a tool is known to almost everyone, because the problem of hair loss today, many are faced. Due to its qualitative composition, onion shampoo has managed to win the love of many people who are faced with a similar problem.

And it is not difficult to use it at all: it is enough to apply to damp hair, lather and rinse off after 3-5 minutes with warm water. As part of the shampoo you can find traditional perfume compositions, which enrich it with a pleasant smell. Also on the package noticed the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate, for some, this may seem a drawback, however, anyway, it remains an active detergent. Besides:

  • onion extract;
  • active herbal complex, it contains extracts of chamomile, burdock, birch leaf, hop, sage, nettle, green tea, millet and henna.There is also a series with red pepper, which includes its extract, which stimulates blood circulation, activates growth cells and awakens dormant bulbs.
  • The complex is a vitamin, among which calcium pantothenate and biotin can be distinguished.

What do people say?

As we have said, the reviews about this tool are a very variegated picture: shampoo really helped someone from falling out, hair became thicker and more beautiful, and someone didn’t fit at all.

This once again proves the fact that any means must be tried on oneself, because each person is individual, with its own characteristics of the organism, on which the degree of effectiveness of one or another means will depend. Perhaps for such a low price you can experiment, who knows, maybe this particular shampoo will save you from a long-standing problem.

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