DIY Folding Photobox

Shadowless photoboxing of factory performance is a necessary thing, but rather expensive. To us, far from professional photographers, a self-made lightcube is quite suitable, which can be made literally from anything. Among the most inexpensive and simple options are thick cardboard boxes, plastic photo frames, ceiling tiles made of polystyrene, PVC corners and plain paper.
Foldable photobox do-it-yourself
I decided to make myself a light cube from the usual mesh basket for toys that I once bought on AliExpress on a ridiculous price. Over time, the need for such a “capacity” has disappeared, and under what else to adapt it, I just did not think until the idea was born to make a photo box with my own hands. For a folding option, such a basket is the ideal base. The work, however, is more laborious, but the product turns out neat, light, compact. Yes, and he practically does not occupy a place - at least for the back of the sofa to rollat least on the "roof" of the cabinet, push it in!

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