The Souvenir by Easter with our own hands

What could be more interesting than making handmade Easter gifts with children? Immersion in the creative process always brings a lot of positive emotions and helps to feel the joy of fruitful, friendly, interaction with the child. Such activities unite well, creating an invisible, but incredibly strong, connection between parents and children.

 The Souvenir for Easter by own hands

The Souvenir for Easter with our own hands

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An interesting Easter souvenir with your own hands can be made from several thin dry twigs of a tree and an old, unnecessary CD. In addition, to create an Easter composition, you need one orange plastic capsule from a chocolate egg with a surprise, plasticine or cotton (you can take cotton buds), napkins, cardboard and glue.

It will be easier for the child to make a Easter souvenir with his own hands , if you show him a master class. By repeating the actions of the parent, the baby will be able to create his own

Getting started!

First of all, the central part of the CD is covered with a layer of dark brown or black clay.

Attach plasticine to the disc

We put plasticine on the disc

We take into our hands thin small branches of a tree.



Gently pin them to the clay on the disk.

 We fix the branches on the clay We fix twigs on plasticine

From white plasticine we roll small balls. You can make them from cotton wool or remove them from cotton buds.

 Plasticine balls

Plasticine balls

We fix the balls on the twigs, like willow flowers.

Making wels of plasticine

Making webs of plasticine

With a polymer glue, fix the capsule of a chocolate egg to the disk.

 Egg capsule

Capsulefrom the egg

 We attach the egg

We attach the egg

Cut the wings out of yellow cardboard.

Wings from paper

Paper wings

Glue them to the capsule. In the same way we make a comb, beak and eyes - it turns out a chicken.

 We fix the wings, glue the eyes, beak and comb

We fix the wings, glue the eyes, beak and scallop

We make eggs from white plasticine, decorate them with colored plasticine patterns.

Easter eggs from plasticine

Easter eggs from plasticine

We fix the testicles to the disk next to the chicken.

Put the testicles

We put testicles

 Easter composition

Easter composition

The craft is almost ready. But there is too much free space, and it needs to be filled with something.

Therefore, we take thick napkins and cut out flowers from them.It is better to use colored napkins - the flowers will be more vivid and noticeable.

Glue them to the disc.

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