Do I need a studio kitchen in a private house

What is a kitchen-studio

The kitchen-studio is a large multifunctional room that combines the working area for cooking with the living room or dining room. After the usual small kitchen, which was hiding somewhere in a secluded corner of the house, a spacious kitchen-studio is just a dream for any hostess. Equipping such a room is a snap. If the house has a separate kitchen, then you need to make redevelopment and tear down the wall. If a new house is being built, then all this can be planned even during construction.
The main advantage of the kitchen-studio - is open space. First, you can create a cozy living room with upholstered furniture, a TV and even a fireplace. Secondly, you can take a lot of guests, without worrying that there is not enough space. In this kitchen it will be nice not only to relax, but also to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. The spacious kitchen area will also allow you to realize all your design talents and cherished dreams: beautiful functional furniture,high-quality kitchen appliances, various pleasant things, for which there was simply no place before (ornamental plants, paintings, shelves, fountains, an aquarium).

Kitchen Studio Disadvantages

In the house of such a plan, problems may arise that, if desired, can be easily solved. First of all, these are smells that are spread throughout the house during cooking. Therefore, the working area of ​​the kitchen should be equipped with a powerful exhaust hood.
Another disadvantage is an insufficient amount of light in the dining area (if the dining room is located at the back of the house, not at the window). Here you can use mirrors by placing them in front of the window. Or make a suspended ceiling with spotlights, and hang sconces above the table.
Since the working area of ​​the kitchen is now always in sight, it must be kept in perfect cleanliness.

Zoning in the kitchen-studio

For convenience, in such a kitchen it is necessary to consider zoning - the separation of the working area and living room. To divide the space, you can use different designs: arches, columns, bar counters, curtain rods, multi-level ceilings, sliding partitions.It is also better to split the flooring using ceramic tiles in the work area, and parquet or laminate in the living room.
Furniture, both in the living room and in the work area, should be made in a single design style, although distinctive elements can be used. Then the working area will be a harmonious continuation of the living room.

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