Sweet DIY Valentine's Day Present

On Valentine's Day, it is customary to present each other symbolic gifts as a sign of attention and sympathy. Usually their role is assumed by small cards in the form of hearts - valentines, which, according to ancient legend, were sent to each other separated lovers on this memorable day.

Children also make and give valentines with pleasure, and with no less gladly receive return gifts. And especially they are pleased with gifts with small but pleasant surprises inside - for example, with candy or lollipop. Crafts with candy for Valentine's Day can turn into the most wonderful gift for your child if you make it yourself.

 Sweet gift for Valentine's Day with your own hands A sweet gift for Valentine's Day with your own hands

And if the child also joins the creative process,You will be able to donate such an article to one of his friends or relatives.

What is needed in the work:

  • pink and green tissue paper or corrugated paper;
  • lollipop (lollipop);
  • scissors;
  • paper cake basket.

Let's get started.

First of all, to make a sweet gift for Valentine's Day with our own hands, we cut a few hearts out of pink tissue paper. To cope with this task is quite simple: you just need to fold a piece of a sheet in half, and, starting from its fold, make an arcuate cutout.

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