Do not be afraid to ask for help.

HelpDo not be ashamed of help

If you need help, the guide will gladly provide it. You do not know how to resolve another conflict? Ask for a training session with you.


If, after all, subordinates cannot get along, the manager must take a cardinal decision: appoint them to other positions or dismiss them.


Never allow yourself to be drawn into a conflict that does not concern you. Many of us cannot resist the temptation to "help" others. Do not do this. At least one of the conflicting parties will take your intervention negatively, and the people around you will simply decide that you are not in a rush.


Maria, a programmer, was always proud of her ability to give valuable advice to her friends, and many turned to her for help. Maria was sure that she had a talent for settling conflicts, only she was not allowed to turn around. Therefore, when a conflict arose at work, she was not slow to intervene. Maria talked to everyone, found out the essence of the problem and assumed the role of a mediator.Unfortunately, nothing happened to her, because each of the conflicting parties decided that Mary was on the side of the enemy, and stopped talking to her. The head of the department in which Maria worked, noticed this and asked Maria to deal only with her work. Mary was very upset about this situation. After some time she graduated from special courses and became a professional conflict manager.


If your employees come to you for advice, do not let us get involved in the conflict. Offer approaches that really help, for example: “When I got in trouble with one of the employees last year, I just talked frankly with her, and it helped. It turns out that she simply did not understand what I was doing, but I understood what my mistake was. ” Never make remarks like: “It’s impossible to work with John at all! I feel sorry for you". This will only worsen the situation. Do not meddle in other people's problems, better learn to solve your own.

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