"Do not worry, he will not go far" and another 5 excellent prime weeks

Producer:Roman Karimov
Cast:Eldar Kalimulin, Danila Chvanov, Alina Titova, Nikita Sanayev, Agisha Semashkova

The guy Anton, drunk on the birthday of a friend of Cyril, wakes up locked in an unfamiliar apartment. Nobody around, only a computer connected to the Internet. From social networks, Anton learns that yesterday he pretty much smoked and even betrayed the bride. Now the guy is forced to resolve the situation, but ... using only a laptop. By the way, all the action of the comedy and the viewer sees only on the computer screen. The comedy “Dnyuha!” Is an attempt to repeat the success of “Bitter!” With its characters exactly like in ordinary life and razdolbaysky farce. In pursuit of naturalness, even many actors were picked up through ads on YouTube.

"22 miles"

Steep Mark Wahlberg overcomes the deadly 22 miles.

Producer:Peter Berg
Cast:Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohen, Iko Wise, John Malkovich

Cheerful thriller with thinner Mark Wahlberg in the role of a tough agent super secret branch of the CIA. Hero Wahlberg to be taken to a safe place an important informant. The action takes place in Indonesia, and between the scout and the plane, which is waiting for salvation, only 22 miles. Directed by Peter Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg - long-worked tandem ("Deepwater horizon", "Patriot Day", "Survivor"), so tickets for "22 miles" - a really good way to please your young man.

"Do not worry, he will not go far"

A drama about a cool caricaturist who became disabled.

Producer:Gus Van Sent
Cast:Joaquin Phoenix, John Hill, Rooney Mara, Jack Black, Tony Greenhand

John Callahan is a paralyzed alcoholic and caricaturist with a great caustic gift. A life loser, he got into a car accident while intoxicated and since then has not felt his body below the shoulders. John feels guilty and does not admit to himself, goes to meetings of anonymous alcoholics and makes fun of them, he is childish and capricious.

The script "Do not worry, he will not go far" several times corresponded and waited a long time in the wings.We could see Robin Williams, who dreamed of playing a cartoonist since the end of the last century, starring. As a result, the role of John Callahan went to Joaquin Phoenix, and he coped superbly, not falling into pity for his hero.

With the family of the Phoenix, Gus Van Sant has a special relationship. One of his best films, “My Personal Idaho State,” the director shot with Joaquin Phoenix’s elder brother, River. With Joaquin, Gus Van Sant worked too, and also very successfully. The film “To Die in the Name”, though Nicole Kidman’s undivided benefit, is certainly not lost on her background.


Cinema about friendship boy and wolf.

Producer:Albert Hughes
Cast:Cody Smith-McPhee, Natasha Malte, Leonor Varela, Jouhannes Hoykyur ​​Jouhannesson

The story of how in a primitive society big-eyed teenager (Cody Smith-McPhee) tamed the wolf, managed to survive and become stronger without the help of his fellow tribesmen. We are accustomed to, that if we go to a distant film travel in time, then only forward to the future. Therefore, a fantasy about the events that happened twenty thousand years ago, like a fresh breeze in a futuristic stagnation.

«Artemida Hotel» »

Something unreal: Jodie Foster is almost Harley Quinn.

Producer:Drew pierce

Cast:Jodie Foster, Sterling C. Brown, Sophia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Zachary Quinto

In the future of Los Angeles, a group of four desperate criminals use a general rebellion to rob a bank. In order to heal after the operation, they are declared in the "Hotel" Artemis "", where only professional criminals are allowed. In the role of the hostess of the criminal hospital, the deluxe suite is Jodie Foster, which we so rarely see on the screens. Perhaps only for her, almost unrecognizable as a greedy old woman, and should go to the debut feature film Drew Pierce.

"The last mess"

Takeshi Kitano's cruel and funny movie about Japanese mafiosi.

Producer:Takeshi Kitano
Cast:Takeshi Kitano, Toshiyuki Nishida, Tatsuo Nadaka, Ken Mitsuishi

The final film of the Takeshi Kitano trilogy (in which "Lawlessness", "Complete lawlessness" have already been released) about Japanese gangsters. The gangsters of the Land of the Rising Sun commit brutal crimes and create lawlessness, but are dressed with nothing and are not devoid of charm. Kitano turns the classic Yakuza cinema genre into a yakuza farce, a comedy of cruelty, a comic of ultra-violence.

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