Drake collects Hermes Birkin bags for his future wife

What crazy romantic acts are you ready for for love? Here, Drake in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter unexpectedly admitted that for many years he has been collecting bags Hermes Birkin. Do not think, not for yourself - the musician explained his strange hobby by collecting bags to give to the girl with whom he would like to tie his life. In other words, his future wife.

Romantic, isn't it? But also practical! Birkin bags grow in price every year and on average go up by 14.2 percent. The average cost of a bag is $ 60,000, and at auctions for a rare model, you can help out $ 223,000! So this is no less profitable investment than gold!

Publication from Hermès official account (@hermes)Feb 23 2017 at 9:33 PST

Who will win the heart of Drake? Over the years, he was credited with novels with both Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. Now gossipers say that the musician meets with actress Briey Vinayt, or with Bella Hadid, or with both at the same time - we are already confused. Anyway, none of the girls can brag of the collection of bags Birkin, so draw conclusions.

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