Envelope for postcard or letter

It is more pleasant to send and receive a letter if it is enclosed in a beautiful homemade envelope. In this envelope is also not ashamed to donate money or a card. The envelope is made quickly and is not difficult at all, now I will show you everything. To make an envelope for letters you should have the following with you: • A large sheet of A5 paper for a large envelope or A4 for a small one. • Pencil. • Ruler. • Scissors. • Glue.
To make an envelope

First we need to make a piece in the shape of a heart. We fold a sheet of paper in half, from the place of the fold we draw half of the heart and cut it out. Having developed, we receive a heart with the identical parties. We put the template on the paper that you have chosen for the envelope and encircle it with a pencil.
 make a piece in the shape of a heart
Cut out the heart along the contour, from which we will make an envelope.
 cut out the heart
Now we draw the folds for the envelope on the heart.Measure 20 cm from the highest point of the heart and make a strip there, then draw the sides and 10 cm strip below the highest point.
 place of folds for the envelope
Begin to bend the envelope on the lined lines. With the help of a ruler, bends are obtained evenly and in the place where it is necessary. First, we fold the sides.
 bend into envelope
Now we bend the apex of the heart.
bend into envelope
The bottom of the heart will become the top corner of the envelope, bend it last.
 bend into envelope
We glue the sides of the envelope with glue. In order for the envelope to be beautiful, we draw on it everything that you want. You can simulate the sewn corners of an envelope or paint it with flowers as you like. I drew simple zigzags.
 Envelope for postcard
It turned out the original envelope. In it, you can send letters by attaching the appropriate stamp, donating money for a birthday or sending cards to friends.You can make a large envelope, small or narrow, depending on what you put in it.
 Envelope in the shape of a heart

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