Epilation performance with veet wax strips

Manufacturers of Veet wax strips advertise their products as the most effective means for removing unwanted hair, convenient and very easy to use. There are three varieties of this product, which are offered for different types of skin. Strips containing berry extracts and shea butter can be used for normal skin, lotus lotion and aloe vera are included in the composition for dry, and the option with vitamin E and almond oil is more suitable for sensitive skin.
The effect after applying Veet wax strips is quite long and reaches a period of four weeks. The constant use of this tool leads to the fact that the hairs become thinner and softer, further their density is much reduced. Strips can be applied without waiting for the full growth of hair, they are able to cope even with very short hairs about 2 mm high.
The instructions of the Veet wax strips emphasize that the tool is designed to remove hair on the legs and arms, in the armpits and in the bikini area. The use of strips on the face, chest and groin area is unacceptable. Before the first epilation, it is better to start from the area where the skin is less sensitive and will not be irritated, for example, from the legs. Applying strips several times to the same place is not recommended, especially in areas that may be irritated.
The response to the use of Veet strips depends on the individual tolerance of this agent. Someone is satisfied with the result, and someone has to repeat the procedure several times, without even achieving the maximum effect. The skin reacts differently to the effects of the wax composition, in some cases, during use, it may cause burning or itching. In this case, you need to stop hair removal and thoroughly wash the inflamed area.Moles, scars or lesions on the skin are an obstacle to the use of Veet wax strips. It is not recommended to use them also for people with varicose veins.
Unwanted results when using Veet wax strips mostly appear when used improperly. Application of the tool should be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions drawn up by the manufacturer of the product. Strips can not be removed in the direction of growth of hairs, it is done only in the opposite direction. After the hair removal done during the day, it is forbidden to expose the skin to direct sunlight, use antiperspirants and various perfumes.During pregnancy, it is better to stop using Veet wax strips and temporarily choose a different method of hair removal. The skin during this period is prone to irritation.
In order to make the use of Veet strips more effective, before proceeding with the procedure, water treatments using a scrub with glucose or salicylic acid should be taken. The follicles will become softer and the entire hair removal process will be painless. After epilation, the skin should be wiped with an antiseptic tonic to prevent the penetration of bacteria into open pores.

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