Eurovision participants do not want to go to a pre-party in Moscow

The party before the international competition, which takes place in the capital of Russia for the seventh year, was on the verge of collapse.

Despite the fact that Ukraine has banned Russian performer Yulia Samoilova from participating in Eurovision, the organizers are preparing for a pre-party in Moscow. Moreover, they announced the date and venue of the event: April 21 in Vegas City Hall. It is on this day that all contestants should get to know each other, as well as present several of their songs to the public. But it seems that this may not happen ...


On April 3, on the day of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, the heads of the delegations of the participating countries sent the organizers of the Eurovision party a letter of condolence and notification that their artists would arrive in Moscow only if Russia were allowed at least to vote (not to mention permission of entry to Ukraine by Yulia Samoilova). According to them, coming to a country that will not take part in the competition violates the established rules.

The organizers of the party suspended the sale of tickets. But they do not leave hope that the situation can be resolved. Especially the other day on the official Eurovision site, Yulia Samoilova was assigned a serial number of a speech. She will have to enter the stage of the semi-final, which will be held on May 9, the third. Read morehere.

At the same time, the Russian singer has not yet opened the entrance to Ukraine. The authorities did not seem to have affected the negotiations with Ingrid Deltenre, the Director General of the European Broadcasting Union (EMU). By the way, in an interview with the Swiss edition of Blick, she called the conflict that happened unacceptable.

“The song contest is not meant to turn people against one another,” Deltenre said. Read morehere.

Continue to defend the rights of Samoilova to participate in the competition and the stars of Russian show business. Including supermodel Natalya Vodyanova, who created a petition called “Let Yulia sing!”. True, before this celebrity, unwittingly, provoked a scandal in social networks. This hashtag was blamed for this.#Evenitor envy.

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