Fabric stretch ceilings in the interior

The history of home decoration using textiles goes back to ancient times. The Egyptians used canvas, soaked in a solution of limestone. As soon as it dried out, it was glued to the ceiling and painted with paintings or patterns. Modern stretch ceilings began to be actively used in the 60s of the last century, having improved from the fabric base to the polyester fabric. The polymer with which the canvas is impregnated turned out to be an ideal base on which images of any complexity can be applied.
The modern version of fabric ceilings is a thin canvas, obtained by weaving the threads into the net and impregnated with a special solution. Since the canvas is made to fit the room, it looks smooth and perfectly smooth.
Fabric ceilings have a low weight - about 250 grams per square meter. Such ceilings can be repainted several times, if desired, creating paintings and patterns.The surface of the ceiling is perfectly flat, which allows you to hide any irregularities and roughness.
An additional decorative effect is attached to stretch fabric ceilings by LEDs or light generators. At the expense of a thin fabric basis the room does not lose in height as it often happens with other types of the mounted ceilings.
The material is one of the most environmentally friendly and safe for humans, because it does not emit harmful chemicals. A special treatment makes stretch fabric ceilings fireproof.
Installation of stretch fabric ceilings is an easy process, but it must be borne in mind that after removing such a ceiling, it cannot be re-mounted.
It is possible to look after this type of ceilings as well as others, but without mechanical influence. It is enough to carry out cleaning with soft napkins.
When making the ceiling in the kitchen, you need to take into account that the material absorbs odors, so you need to think in advance about a good hood, in general, stretch fabric ceilings are suitable for any room.

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