Face dermabrasion

Face dermabrasion
The appearance of a person depends largely on the condition of the skin of the face, which is constantly in sight. Caring for and caring for her is one of the primary tasks for many people. Some may be limited to natural products, various masks and massages. But there are cases when people resort to more radical methods, serious cosmetology or surgical procedures.
In order to determine which option works best in your case, you need to consult a doctor. It does not hurt to learn about various ways to solve skin problems. In some cases, small cosmetic procedures may be a good option.

Dermabrasion face - what is it?

In modern cosmetology, the method of mechanical peeling called "dermabrasion" is used. It is based on layered polishing of the skin, which can be carried out using a special apparatus. At the same time, depending on the individual characteristics, a different depth of exposure is established for each patient.
This procedure helps to activate the process of regeneration in the skin tissues. It helps to reduce wrinkles and age-related hyperpigmentation, makes the skin more smooth and elastic.
Modern clinics offer several popular options for carrying out such a procedure, which involve the use of various equipment. They are appointed by a specialist depending on the required depth of exposure.

Dermabrasion of the face - types and features


  1. Diamond dermabrasion face
    Skin rejuvenation procedure, which is used to eliminate wrinkles, scars and acne. When it is used, diamond particles are used, which are the main exfoliating material. They have a very small size and special properties, while they do not cause allergies and do not hurt the skin, which contributes to the reduction of trauma. With this procedure, only the top layer of the skin is treated, so it is less painful.
    For this type of dermabrasion, an apparatus with vacuum nozzles with particles of a special shape is used, which have a powerful effect on the skin. The procedure itself takes a little time, it can be repeated a week after the first application.
  2. Laser dermabrasion face
    This kind is used to get rid of wrinkles and age spots, as well as to improve the tone and skin rejuvenation. Grinding occurs with a laser beam, which has a thermal effect on the deep layers of the epidermis.
    Laser dermabrasion face
    At the same time, the skin does not experience mechanical damage, which significantly reduces the risk of inflammation and complications after it. The procedure does not last long and does not require a long recovery, but is more expensive.
  3. Mechanical dermabrasion of the face
    This method is the most traumatic and aggressive, it is used to remove deep scars and get rid of strong wrinkles. This procedure consists of deep grinding and is carried out with the help of nozzles made of milling abrasive materials. This removes a large amount of the uppermost layer of the epidermis. The exact thickness is determined by the physician and electronics; if the deeper layer is removed, additional damage is possible.
    The procedure is carried out in autumn and winter, after it you can not stay in strong sun. In addition, it requires a long recovery period with the use of special nutritional and healing creams.


Face dermabrasion - reviews

You can see a photo of “face dermabrasion before and after” to see what effect the procedure has. But do not overly trust reviews on sites of beauty salons and clinics. It is better to read more comments and stories on forums and blogs where you can chat with people who have undergone different types of dermabrasion.
Face dermabrasion - reviews
In addition, it should be borne in mind that in each individual case, different options can have different effects and produce a special effect. To be more confident in your decision, you can consult with several experts about the method of getting rid of the problem. Perhaps, in your case, more benign options will do.

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