Fans accused Bilan of imitating Nagiyev

Fans are actively discussing changes in the image of the artist.

36-year-old favorite of the female half of humanity Dima Bilan constantly intrigues his fans on the social network Instagram. The singer sometimes likes to bring a share of shocking news feed. This time, Bilan literally stunned everyone ... with his new picture. He laid out a selfie with a punctured ear and signed: �Once it was supposed to happen! And it happened right now! �Apparently, the artist has long been carrying his cunning plan ...

Such a photo fall of Bilan was not left unattended by the fans. Someone appreciated the act of a star, but someone obviously did not like it.

�Only not this. Remove �,� A man from the Caucasus is a face of honor and courage, why does he need earrings? �,� It remains to get the tattoo stuffed and dyeing blond hair, and then there will be a full Fashion Style �, users of the social network are perplexed.

�And the second is an earring? Looks very stylish now! �,� The man is joking. This is just a button! For fun ... "," Maybe it's time to stop living imposed stereotypes.Men wore jewelry since ancient times: Egypt, Persia. What about the pirates? He likes it, he does, his right, �defenders attacked detractors.

And some of the followers suspected Bilan in imitation of the famous TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev, who also wears an earring: �Mows down Nagiyev�.

Photo: @bilanofficial

Recall, just the other day the singer shared the enchanting news. He has a nominal star! The artist laid it in one of the shopping centers of Krasnodar, where he gave a gala concert.

�Today there was a significant event for us with my admirers and fans, we, or rather me, were laid a star! You can have a different attitude to such a tradition, but the fact that it is filled with human love and respect, and today to my humble person, is worth a lot! �Dima wrote in his Instagram.

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