Fashionable and perfect summer wardrobe for women

Summer clothes provide us with an excellent opportunity for such a long time of gray and mud, to show the surrounding world its beauty and eye-popping. Agree, the girl walking in the down jacket, causes men less positive emotions than a lady in a light sarafan. Therefore, for women it is important that the summer wardrobe was complete, beautiful, fashionable and chic.

Cooking summer wardrobe should start today. Because, as the long-term experience of most women shows, the purchases made at the last moment most often remain on the shelves of cabinets. And spending money on the wind in the summer is not very wise, because only at this time of the year can we go for a holiday in nature, travel and just walk on the street. And as you know, no type of entertainment is complete without financial expenses.

What should be?

What we love this time of year is that we have a great opportunity to wear in summervarious items of clothing. This is not what it is in winter: put on an elegant dress and hid it from everyone, wearing a long coat. The clothes that we wear in the summer show all our virtues and make us feel the most beautiful woman.

Of course, the choice of women's, summer things is simply enormous. We want to buy literally everything. Bright patterns, rich colors, unusual styles - all this in stores drives us crazy. Seeing the next summer dress, we immediately try to buy it, forgetting that we already have this at home.

In order for your summer wardrobe to be full and diverse, before sending to the store write a list of basic things. Only by purchasing the basic components of the summer wardrobe, you can go to the purchase of additional things.


The basic ones can be easily attributed to things, with the help of which you can get a lot of different images. This is very convenient, especially if you manage to take good care of clothes.

Just think, you can wear the same black dress for a week and no one will look at you, looking like an untidy and scruffy woman.Because every day this dress you will complement stylish accessories. Basic things any woman will help out and make the most stylish in the team.

In the summer wardrobe there are their basic things. Consider the main ones.

Trench. Even in summer, our weather can not boast of stability. We have long ceased to amaze in the summer, heavy rains, hail and a significant decrease in temperature. And it seems that you understand that it is summer now on the street, which means that you should wear short skirts.

But what to do if in thin and short things is unrealistically cold. It is enough just to stop risking your health and when the cold comes in summer to wear a trench. This stylish raincoat will become a reliable protector from wind, rain, and, accordingly, will save you from a cold and temperature.

Fashionable summer jacket. It is useful to those women whose work day starts early. In the summer, it can be cool in the morning, and a jacket, thrown over a stylish top, will only transform you. In addition, the jacket can be easily hidden in a handbag. And he is indispensable for evening walks on a yacht.

Short-sleeved shirt.An indispensable element of the summer wardrobe for a working woman. Buy only current models and the style that suits you.

T-shirt in the girl's summer wardrobe must be at least three. Two smart and one sports. With the help of this slightly expensive clothes you can significantly dilute your wardrobe. Basic T-shirts should be plain and not have bright ornaments in the form of ruche, rhinestones and cutouts.

Summer T-shirt will help you out during periods of unbearable heat. After all, sometimes in the summer you want to leave a minimal amount of clothes on us. Buy T-shirts in bright colors, and then even with ordinary jeans you will get a chic look.

It is impossible to imagine a summer women's wardrobe without skirts. It is advisable that you have a couple of them. A skirt - pencil made of silk of warm shade is suitable for work, but for walking you can choose either a denim mini or a tulle skirt. In summer, you can safely wear bright and short skirts, the main thing is that in general your image should not be vulgar.

Shorts are a real summer trend of the season. Fashionable shorts should be every girl. They are comfortable, comfortable and at the same time you look amazing, especially if your legs deserve masculine admiration.For the summer season shorts are definitely an irreplaceable thing.

The advantage of summer sundresses lies in their lightness. They are sewn from airy fabrics in which our body feels comfortable, despite the unbearable heat. Yes, and they look motley, bright and pretty. Any woman in summer sundress causes pleasant emotions.

Cocktail dress in summer is necessary, as you will have to meet with friends for dinner several times. Yes, and discos should not be thrown. In such a cute dress, you can easily charm any guy. So be sure to buy it for yourself.

In the summer wardrobe, jeans and classic trousers should take their pride of place. In a skirt it is not always and not at all days comfortable to walk. And with jeans everything is completely different. For summer, buy them out of thin material. You can choose strict jeans, without active jewelry. And you can buy jeans for a couple of sizes larger with huge torn holes, complement them with a white T-shirt and you are the queen of the street.

Summer can not be imagined without swimming in the water. And whether it is the sea or the nearest river, it is important that you cannot do without a fashionable swimsuit in the summer.Choose unusual swimsuits and do not be discouraged if your figure is far from perfect. Summer wardrobe for obese women can be very beautiful. Just buy a swimsuit, paying attention to your figure.

Accessories and shoes

For summer, you should have a large number of accessories cooked. Bracelets and earrings should be worn on you every day. The bigger and more interesting they will be, the more stylish you will look. Choose accessories from natural materials.

It is naturally difficult to imagine a summer wardrobe without glasses. Here they should be at least three pairs: the classical form, well, and those that you like. Just remember that the glasses should be of high quality. The cheaper accessory will be on you, the worse your image and eye health will be.

Bags for summer is also not enough. One for relaxing on the beach, the other for traveling, the third for work, the fourth is a small clutch for romantic walks under a starry sky.

In the summer a good wardrobe should be a considerable amount of shoes. Stylish sandals with high heels can be worn not only to work, but also to the disco.Ballet flats with an open finger will help out if your legs are no longer able to move on high heels. Sandals are suitable for tourist trips. By the way, they are great with shorts. Well and slaps are irreplaceable, when on the street the scorching sun shines.

Always be fashionable and stylish beauties.

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