Fashionable autumn and winter bags of the season 2013-2014 year (13 photos)

Unlike men who have a habit of storing all the necessary small things in pockets, women never change their faithful and indispensable "companion" of life - a handbag. Of course, after all, depending on its shape and size, you can put all the feminine features in your purse-cosmetics, napkins, a phone and many other small things that must always be present in the present lady.

Chic bags for autumn and winter photos

But with a variety of shapes, shades, sizes and styles, ladies' handbags in this season can boast to the fullest as never before, because fashion houses have inexhaustible imagination and rapid production, they did not fail this season either.

What is interesting, but a handbag is a relatively “young” accessory, it’s only about three centuries old. And before, instead of, now, such familiar and convenient handbags, women and men wore a small bag on their belts, a purse that contained everything they needed-money, toilet items and other small items.

Stylish bag options

For a long time, the handbag was the subject of a female toilet of the middle class, then bags for prayer books, “gambling” bags and other options appeared. And now, in aristocratic circles, a handbag appeared thanks to the famous French favorite Madame Pompadour, whence the name of such handbags - “pompadour” came from.

If in the olden days the handbag was an expensive item of a women's toilet, it was difficult to get it and, most often, such gadgets were made especially for the order, nowadays it has become much easier with this business, women's bags have reached mass production.

However, the main problem remains always: it must be selected with taste and expertise so as not to spoil the whole image with such a thing. Fashionable autumn and winter bags of 2013-2014 will be able to help you in this difficult task, because they were created depending on the preferences and desires of the beautiful half of humanity.

Classic bags 2013-2014 photo

By the way, the recent trend that eradicates the fashion of the rule “the handbag should be in tone with the shoe” is gaining ever more powerful momentum, now fashion houses literally shout that the handbag can be of any color and shade, the main thing is that it fits the chosen style and the image of its owner.

Another new trend of the season 2013-2014 is the voluminous and roomy models, the designers believe that the bag can be large and weighty, but how else can it fit all the necessary women's belongings?

Bag in the cage should be each

So, let's talk about what styles of bags will be popular this season, because in order to look fashionable and stylish, you need to thoroughly examine them and get yourself a model you like.

Popular models of bags of the season 2013-2014

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the long-forgotten, but now gaining former popularity, bags on rigid frames. They can have a wide variety of shapes, and a wide selection of colors can satisfy even the most harmful customers.

Bright bags for the brave

This shape of the bag is perfect for both everyday walks and office style. Frame bags can be made as in casual-style, and vintage models and models in retro style are presented to our attention, they can easily dilute and complement the highlight in any image.

Tote bags returned

Another extraordinary trend is the frame shoulder bag over the shoulder, they can be a favorite variation for young people, because thanks to good capacity and a solid bottom, they can become an excellent option for carrying books, notebooks and tablets.

Stylish autumn and winter bags photo

Another novelty of the season is the doctor's bag. Do not worry, they do not have white color and are represented by much more attractive models, but the meaning remains the same: oblong shape, two handles on the sides and a solid frame.

Such a bag, as a rule, is presented in restrained and solid colors, it should become a favorite model of status ladies who prefer luxury and wealth in their image.

However, designers never leave young people without a “sweet”, so creative and free models of the same style are also presented to our attention, but they have youth decor, sparkling stones and interesting applications.

Bright variants of autumn bags photo

An undeniable trend among winter bags is their representatives in a fur shell, because when, like in winter, you want warmth and comfort, and fur is ideal in this case. Fashionable bags, both in autumn and winter, are presented with models with long fur, as well as with shortened and trimmed versions, which most often have animal colors, such as a tiger or leopard, but can also be represented by natural or dyed models. As for the form, there are no restrictions here: from miniature clutches to voluminous styles.

Fur winter bags 2014 look interesting

Another characteristic feature of the 2013-2014 season was bowling style bags.The once specialized models were simplified for women's needs; now they have become a convenient and effective female accessory that can be used not only in sports, but also in any other style.

Bright fur bag photo

Small handbags

These fancy and miniature creatures will probably not go out of fashion for a long time, the designers continue to play with the configuration, size and shape of mini models.

Everything is also in the trend of small handbags on a chain, they can have both rectangular and round or oval shape. The length of the strap varies from the style of clothing: evening models are presented with short laces, and casual ones with long ones.

Clutch in tone with coat

Gorgeous and long overdue for evening gadgetry, clutches have remained popular this winter season. Basically, their representatives have a soft structure, resemble envelopes or folders.

Autumn should be a bright photo

Clutches can be represented by evening models, which are made of expensive fabrics and accessories, richly decorated with a variety of decor. However, along with them, modest models, which may well be considered everyday models, are no less popular.

As for the color component, in the autumn and winter season of 2013-2014, bright and neon hues became popular, and for everyday wear black, purple, gray, animal prints and reptile colors can be suitable.

By the way, large and large bags also have their own color preferences, for example, the trend of this season will be bags of red and scarlet shades, and other bright colors are also in fashion, which is somewhat unusual for the winter period. Color classics are black, brown, gray and burgundy colors. As for the material, the designers do not change their preferences - at the peak of natural leather and fur.

Bright accents have not been canceled

We hope that we were able to satisfy your interest regarding which bags will be fashionable this fall and winter, because the season is approaching, it is high time to look and buy beautiful and popular models of female "girlfriends."

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