Fashionable incident: stars with wet armpits

No one is immune from such an incident. But here the star beauties, who are accustomed to flaunt the red carpet, still need to take care even of such trifles.

Otherwise, the next morning after the gossip will blush like Jennifer Lopez. A brilliant diva with a high head and ... wet armpits lit up at a charity evening. The situation was not saved by neither high heels, nor an elegant dress, nor a perfect make-up, nor even the legendary fifth point of the star. Everyone was discussing wet spots that appeared on an elegant dress. According to friends, J. Lo was ready to fail through the earth, because a proud beauty is very reverent about her appearance and absolutely does not tolerate criticism. And here it is ...

Photo: Getty Images

However, the hit parade, I'm sorry, sweaty Hollywood diva has filled up and Nicole Kidman. Apparently, the actress was so hot that the elegant dress instantly lost its appearance. Although Kidman sincerely tried and smiled, but the evidence of inconvenience and nervousness, so to speak, is evident, or rather, on the dress.

Casus can be forgiven for the singer Fergie, who gives all the best to the stage.But still huge stains of sweat wipe out all the titles of one of the sexiest women on the planet.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, and it would be foolish to blame the stars for negligence. But then they are the stars that we are accustomed to seeing them in public in impeccable form, and even a small misstep is surprising. And in this case, even disgust.

There are a number of tricks to help avoid such an unpleasant situation. For example, some especially cunning celebrities stick special clothes from sweat to clothes - they are located exactly under the arms and absorb all the moisture.

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