Fasting days for every taste

1-1.5 liters of skim or 1% kefir drink in 5-6 doses at regular intervals. On a kefir unloading day, the volume of water consumed should reach at least 1.5-2 liters.
Cottage cheese
4 times a day, use 100 g of 0% or 1% curd with wheat bran (1-2 teaspoons). You can cook casseroles with fruit, dried fruits or vegetables from cottage cheese or 500 g of low-fat cottage cheese with two glasses of kefir to eat in five stages.
The daily menu includes 6 glasses of warm milk and 350 gr. boiled meat (fish), 50-60 grams of vegetables. Many make a mixed fasting day based on apples and kefir.
1.2-1.8 kg of vegetables (except potatoes) in any culinary processing eat in 6 receptions.
For the vegetable of the day will suit the salad "Brush", which perfectly cleanses the body. It is prepared like this: on a coarse grater or in a combine, cabbage is crushed, raw beets and carrots (in equal proportions). Greens, garlic are added, filled with all lemon juice.
Eat 100 grams of unsalted fish with a side dish (any vegetables other than potatoes, preferably cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes) 5 times a day. During the day, drink broth hips.
400 g low-fat meat (it is best to prefer chicken and turkey, it is advisable not to use fatty meats on this day - pork, lamb) without salt, divided into 4 portions and consumed with vegetable side dish (150-300 g). You can include sauerkraut, coffee with milk in the day menu.
5 times a day you can eat 140 g of oatmeal (on the water). You can also use 1-2 cups of tea or broth hips. You can add a small amount of fruit to the porridge, preferably green apples.
Sour cream
80 g sour cream 20% fat 5 times a day and 1-2 cups of broth hips. If desired, add some fresh berries or fruit to the sour cream. Allowed to drink 2 cups of coffee with milk.
1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers divided into 5 meals; for dinner, additionally eat 50 g of boiled meat (or boiled egg), drink a glass of unsweetened tea (rosehip broth).
1.5-2 kg of raw apples consumed in 5 meals. You must drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Green tea is allowed.

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