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To please yourself and your family with something really unusual and very tasty, it is enough to cook fire burgers. Not for nothing is this dish called a real meat treat, because they are cooked according to the original classical technology, they are really capable of pleasantly tickling the taste buds of even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Keep in mind that those semi-finished products that offer us stores, and even a step closer to the very result that can be achieved at home.

It is believed that the origin of this dish is directly related to the innkeeper Daria Pozharskaya, who inherited the institution on the St. Petersburg-Moscow route in Torzhok. Initially, such meatballs were prepared from veal, and only over time the recipe was transformed, an exceptionally tender chicken fillet became involved in it.

They say that the last and most famous version of the recipe was invented by Daria specifically for the arrival of monarchs in the tavern, it was not known whether it was so or not, but the fact remains: thanks to the fire burgers, the institution became very famous, many wealthy people started to visit it. taste the famous dish.

The technology of cooking such cutlets is not the simplest, it has enough secrets and nuances, without knowing which to cook the classic version of the dish will not work. The recipe for cutlets can not be called folk - it never went to the masses, although it became known far beyond one tavern, more often they can be found in the restaurants menu, or in the kitchen of the diligent mistress.

If you also want to eat delicious, crispy from the outside and incredibly tender inside, fire cutlets, then, for sure, want to know how to cook such a meat miracle. Despite the fact that there are many variations of the recipe, you must first learn how to prepare the classic version and, when it turns out you have a top five, you can start experiments.

Sorting out the ingredients

  • Chicken meat (about 1 kg).Remember that the cutlets turned out really tasty, use purchased minced meat - in any case is not recommended, you need to make it yourself. To do this, you can use a meat grinder or a blender, the latter is even more preferable, since it cuts the stuffing, and it does not crush like a meat grinder knives. From this the result is more juicy. For a dish it is better to use chicken fillet and more fatty meat from the hips in a ratio of 1: 1. We remove it previously from the bones with the skin, but we leave the fat.
  • Butter (100 g). Use only real good butter, margarine or light oils here will not work. Before cooking it is better to put it in the freezer for a while.
  • Bread. Used exclusively white dense bread, loaf or baguette will not work. For the stuffing you will need 3-4 slices of a small thickness (1-2 cm), but about half a heap will need to be used for breading. Purchased breadcrumbs do not fit, because they need to prepare in a special way. As an option, grate the crusted lightly-frozen white bread on a coarse grater or chop it into thin strips so that the result is not long “scales”.Leave them dry.
  • Onions - 1 large head.
  • Cream with a fat content of at least 20%, again, good and quality, 100-150 ml is enough.
  • Salt pepper.


At once we want to note that in the classic recipe, no stuffing is added to an egg, although, of course, today there are lite options where they are still used. But we will cook according to the classical technology, and, therefore, without eggs.

Make minced meat: prepare the bread, for this we cut the crusts and leave one crumb. Fill the slices of bread with cream. At this time, the prepared bread “scales” are sent to an oven preheated to 120 °, where they should be browned.

Onions cleaned and cut into half rings, then heat the pan, add a little olive oil and fry the onion until a pleasant color is formed. In a bowl blender lay out, soaked in cream, crumb and toasted onions. We do not squeeze the cream of bread, we will need all this for stuffing. Add salt and pepper to taste, and then process everything into a homogeneous mass.

Chicken meat cut into pieces and parts spread in the bowl of a blender to the already ground mass of onions and bread.We achieve a homogeneous meat mass, and then begin to knead it with your hands, like dough.

You can even beat off - but do not overdo it, it is important that the stuffing turned out to be rather tender, but still plastic, so that you can actually make the meatballs from it without adding eggs. Ready minced chicken shifts in a clean container and begin to engage in oil.

We take it out of the freezer and quickly rub it on a coarse grater right into the stuffing. Further, with the same fast movements, we mix the minced meat with our hands, trying to distribute the pieces of oil, but do not let them melt. Close the bowl with minced film and send in the fridge for half an hour so that it will get the best consistency.

In the process of cooking do not forget to get the crackers from the oven, they will soon be needed for frying. We do not turn off the oven, but warm it up to 180 °. Melt some butter in the pan, just as much as you need for frying. To a creamy, you can add a little vegetable, so it does not burn out too quickly.

We take out the stuffing, we moisten hands in water and sculpt the patties - rather large and elongated in shape. We pan them in ready-made "scales" carefully from each side and spread on the pan.Fry literally for 2-3 minutes on each side, it is important that the breading just starts to get gold, then remove them.

Put the fried cutlets on a baking sheet covered with foil and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes. That's all! Finished cutlets are best served with a simple side dish, for example, pickled vegetables, buckwheat or baked potatoes.

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