Features of the normcore style

Would you like to get exactly those fashionable loafers with a special print and designer name on the label? And even working and having accumulated the necessary amount of money, you are stopped by the fact that having laid out a tidy sum for seemingly high-quality and fashionable shoes, will you be left with nothing for the next season? Why?

Yes, because the latest fashion trends will be slaughtered and thrown into the “distant box” everything that was still fashionable today, throwing another batch of “fashionable” and “stylish” on the heads of humanity. This applies to everything, whether it be clothes, accessories, handbags or shoes, the world is so fleeting, and, in particular, the world of fashion, that you just get tired of it, you stop perceiving and noticing.


Normcore is, just the same, a new trend in the world, the motto of which is the rejection of all fashionable tendencies, the desire to become so “like everyone else”, dissolve in the gray mass of the same inhabitants of our planet, but at the same time realizing that to be the same with someone, because each person is individual, no matter how cool.

“To stand out without standing out,” why is this necessary? Unless you begin to deny that there is a decent stratum of society, especially among the weaker sex, which, when creating your own image for every day, to put it mildly, "bend the stick."

Look every day, as if you’re just gone from a fashion catwalk, killing hours of precious time to pick up the next bow in front of the mirror, endless searches for a dress, “like Jessica Alba” or Jennifer Lopez, is that the whole joy of life?

Relaxed look

Often, his own appearance and desire to look "in a special way," obscures the personality, in pursuit of fashion trends, people gradually lose themselves, sending to secondary roles home care, family and even work.

With the change of the new season, the girls with great pleasure get rid of the "obsolete" now clothes, which yesterday was fashionable, and carefully lay out on the boxes new, common and current options.

Such a consumer way of life, which eclipses simple joys, somewhat embarrassed the public, the rejection of the cult of clothing, the acceptance of the idea that clothing is just a shell, no more, and has spawned such a fashionable style now, the normcore.

Here there are no concepts, who "looks cooler", who has the "most trendy jacket", people who support this style, are convinced that all this is unnecessary to anyone unnecessary.

The main features of the style

The English word “normcore” comes from the merging of two more English words “normal”, that is, “normal” and “hardcore”, which translates as “tireless”. The term is completely new and has become very popular after the magazine New York Magazine published an article on unusual young Americans in early 2014.


They live by special rules: they recognize that the majority of people are a gray and suited crowd, among whom there is no point in standing out, “sculpt” from yourself what you really are not. A new trend and a new highlight is the simplicity of clothing, the time of samples and glamor has long ended, it's time to pay attention to something else.

If you preach normcore, then you dress without thinking about this process, what's the difference, what to go out for or go for food? It is better to sleep two extra hours than to spin in front of the mirror in search of the next image.

Normcors do not lose time on this senseless undertaking,not money, you can even think that this is a great style for the poor, because their appearance, just the same, often shows their inability to pay for expensive and branded things.

Everything is simple

But this is absolutely not the case. Ordinary T-shirts or T-shirts from the local bazaar, nameless and cheap, may be appropriate to dress in the normcore style. And there may be branded and "eminent", but modest in appearance, convenient, comfortable, in general, saying those who like you, and not some fashionable guru from the cover of an expensive glossy magazine.

A great example of this style are many celebrities, who in places where they are not obliged to wear numerous Gucci outfits contracts, prefer old stretched sweatshirts, shapeless jeans and flip-flops Vietnamese.

For the residents of our countries, this is alien, causing many disputes and outbreaks of aggression, they say, as it is possible! After all, our European beauties love to dress up, every appearance is an event that should be fanned by the aura of an ideal image. Is it worth it?


Sometimes it's easier, not paying attention to the labels, just to enjoy the beautiful moments of life, to feel comfortable and confident on a flat sole than to constantly stumble and hit your legs on high heels.

Vivid representatives of such a style among world celebrities are Steve Jobs, Britney Spears, the heroes of the series “Friends”, as well as the Duchess Kate Middleton, who, according to the authoritative edition of Vogue, is the real queen of norcor. Simple, modest and comfortable - the main features of her everyday wardrobe. What you may need to join in this direction?

Everything is sporty, comfortable and street, with an easy look at the fashion of the 90s, which, in fact, became the prototype of such a movement. It was then that the first boundaries between male and female were erased, and simple and comfortable things that it would not be a pity to throw out in a month were at the peak of popularity.


The basic things are monochrome, preferably, gray or black T-shirts with some stupid print, often completely meaningless. The most usual straight jeans, “boyfriend” style, with cuts or holes, are also included here, the options from the mother's wardrobe of youth will also be relevant, but the usual skinny ones are no longer quoted.

The main thing is not to get hung up - right or wrong, put on and go - that's the main feature of the standards.

Particular attention is paid to shoes: simple sneakers, flat-bottomed sandals, rubber flip flops or even hated by many mods, Crocs, ridiculous and strange - just right! After all, the point is: to do everything in spite of all fashion trends, let fashion gurus say “Fu!”.

The main colors are unremarkable, muffled - gray, blue, black, white, often such things look as if they have been worn for a long time and with enviable persistence. Probably, not everyone will be able to take something like this in their lives, because we are all so used to looking with a needle ... And, maybe, it's worth thinking about when you were last yourself?

Listen to your inner voice, and let the whole world wait!

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